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Frequently Asked Questions


Where do I start?
See Welcome to membermojo!.
Can I go live with the free 60 day trial?
Yes. The trial is fully functional and you can make the system live for members without an annual plan.
Why do I have an Adult membership?
This is just a default membership category to get you started. You can add more categories or change the default Adult category from Available Memberships.
Is membermojo GDPR compliant?
Yes. See our GDPR page, which also links our Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions and Security pages.
Can I receive training?
See our contact page for independent training and advice.

Account configuration

How do I add a new administrator?
An administrator is a member with their Site Role field set to Admin. If necessary add a new member record to the Member List page with at least first name, last name, email and membership fields. Once saved change their Site Role field to Admin or Readonly admin. You can do this from the Member List page (scroll right to see the column) or from their member profile page.
How can I receive the daily summary email?
Each administrator or read only administrator can request their own copy of the daily summary email from the Your Notifications page.
Can I add a field for administrator use only?
Yes. Add the field on the Member Form page and select Admin only under For lead members.
How do I collect email addresses for linked members?
See Lead and linked member forms on Membership Form.
Is there an automatically allocated member number?
Yes. See Member number field on Membership Form.
How do I pro-rate new member fees?
See Membership Categories.
Can members see individual member directories?
By default a member will see a single combined directory containing all members they have access to and the fields that are visible from each directory. The members within a single directory can be viewed by ticking Can be selected by members on that directory. See Member Directories.

Membership Administration

How do I download/export the list of members?
Members details can be download as a CSV file by clicking Download from the Member List page.
How do I find details for a member?
See Quick member lookup
What can a member see?
A member can only see and change their own details. See membermojo Roles.
How do I add a member?
Administrators can add members directly to the database or join on their behalf. Use the Member List page to add a member directly. Click , then enter the member details into the blank row. See Importing Members to add multiple members from an existing spreadsheet. Use Members / Members Home / Join New Member to join on behalf of a member using your membership form and checkout. Joining a member will create a matching payment record, send a welcome pack and set an expiry date when the payment is marked as paid.
How do I link or unlink members?
To link an existing member to a multi-member membership, such as a family, first ensure their membership matches the lead member. Then locate the linked member on the Member List page, scroll to the right and change their Linked To to the name of the lead member. When saved the member will be linked and shown on the lead member's profile page. To unlink a member change their Linked To to blank.
How do I temporarily suspend reminder emails or members renewing and applying?
Both settings can be found on the Make Live page and can be enabled or disabled at anytime.
Why have members with an expiry date in the past not expired?
See Going Live to enable expiry processing. Administrators are sent reminders, but are not be expired to prevent losing access.
Why are there two 'Active Memberships' values on the Members Home page?
If you have multi-member memberships, such as couples or families, and there are linked members then two values will be shown. The higher 'members' figure is the total number of lead and linked members. The lower figure is a count of memberships, which will match the count of lead members.
How do I move an expired member back to the member list?
Members are automatically moved to the Expired Member List if they fail to renew by their expiry date. An expired member can still renew without re-entering their details by signing in and following the prompts, or an admin can renew on their behalf from their profile page. An admin can also move the member back to the member list by changing their expiry date to a future date - though, unlike a renewal, this will not create a payment record or send a welcome pack.
How do I manually expire a member?
Members are automatically expired when the expiries and reminders option is ticked on the Make Live page and they fail to renew by their expiry date. An admin can also manually expire an active member from their profile page if they have a past expiry date.
Can I reinstate an archived member?
Once archived a member cannot be reinstated. However, the data held in the archive can be used to populate a new member record. Download archived member details from the Expired Member List page. From the Member List page click then enter the archived member details into the blank row. Note that archiving is off by default. Enable from the Settings / Organisation page.
Renewing members are seeing the error 'membership is not far enough in the future'
When a new member applies or existing member renews we use the membership settings to calculate the member's next expiry date. In this case the membership is using an Until Date expiry type with a date that needs adjusting for the next membership period. See Membership Categories.
Will you automatically remind members with outstanding payments?
No. We can't be certain why the member's payment is still pending so won't remind them automatically. You can create a member group to identify members with a payment pending for more than a number of days, then use that to send a reminder.
Why is the number of pending payments different to the number of pending members?
A payment pends when a member selects an offline payment method at checkout. A member's membership state will be Pending Payment when they have paid with an offline method and their membership has lapsed (passed the expiry date).
Can I enter non-membermojo payments?
Miscellaneous payments can be entered from a member's payment page. See Miscellaneous Payments.

Signing in

Why am I being asked to verify my browser?
See Browser Verification.
How do members sign in?
A member can sign in if enabled using an email address that matches one or more member records. Members sign in by entering their email address into the sign in page, then clicking on a single use, time limited link in the email we send them. Members that visit the site frequently can set a password from Your Membership. Members will only be prompted for a password if they have previously used one.
Can multiple members use the same email address?
Yes. When a member signs in using an email common to multiple memberships they can switch between them by clicking their name in the menu bar.
Can a member belong to multiple organisations on membermojo?
Yes. Member details are held separately for each organisation. If a member uses the same email address for multiple organisations and they sign in from your membermojo pages or by following a link from your membermojo system email, they will see the details you hold for them. Once signed in the member can switch between organisations by clicking their name in the menu bar.


A member is reporting they are not receiving emails
See Email Delivery.
How do I send an email to my members?
See Member Groups & Mailing Lists.
My group email to members has bounced with an error
See Email failed to send on Send Group Email.
How do I send group email without revealing my address?
See Changing the from name and reply to address on Member Groups & Mailing Lists.
How do I temporarily block a member from sending group email?
See Send Group Email.
How can a member unsubscribe or resubscribe to emails?
See Unsubscribe from Email.
How is activity log count for group emails calculated?
See Counting the number of emails sent on Send Group Email.

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