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How membermojo uses cookies

Cookies are small files stored on your computer that are used to retain information about your site visits.

Essential Cookies

We use cookies to keep your session active, remember preferences and implement site functions. All essential cookies are required and cannot be disabled.

If using a shared computer you should sign out after using our site. This will remove any membermojo cookies that identify you.

Service Cookie / Domain Purpose
membermojo canset Used to test if cookies can be set.
membermojo mm membermojo preferences, such as sign in method and cookie settings.
membermojo mmsession* Present for the current session to keep it active.
membermojo remember_* Remembers your ID between sessions.
membermojo trust_* Records that the browser is trusted by membermojo.
PayPal paypal.com Set by PayPal when making PayPal payments. (more information)
Stripe stripe.com Set by Stripe when making Stripe card payments. (more information)
Set by reCAPTCHA. (more information)

Optional Cookies

Cookies from third parties are used to implement social feeds and improve our service through analytics and advertising.

No personal information from membermojo is shared or linked with these cookies.

You can control these cookies from the bottom of this page. (click here if not shown)

Service Cookie / Domain Purpose
Twitter Timeline twitter.com Cookies may be set when Twitter timelines are viewed on organisation pages. (more information)
Facebook Posts facebook.com Cookies may be set when Facebook posts are viewed on organisation pages. (more information)
Google Analytics _ga
Visits to our marketing pages are recorded anonymously so we can review usage. (more information)
Google Adwords google.co.uk
If you click on a paid advertisement an anonymous cookie is used to record your interest and display relevant ads. (more information)

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