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Using Help

The help menu is available from all administrator pages.

All pages include prompts but some have supporting content accessible directly from the Help menu.

The Help Window

  • Click the title to open the help in a new browser tab.
  • Move the help window by clicking and dragging the title bar.
  • Close the help window by clicking .
  • Go back to the previous help page by clicking .
  • is shown for links to other help pages.

Once displayed you can change or refresh pages and the help will reopen at the same place. Close the help window to stop this.


Support queries should be sent to support@membermojo.co.uk from an administrator email address. If you are an administrator for more than one organisation please state which your query relates to.

We may ask you to provide the reference below which identifies your active session.

Please sign in as an administrator to see your reference.

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