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SAMA Southwest logo “We are a large karate club who pre Covid had excess of 1700 members training weekly. We used lockdown to re-evaluate our current paper membership system and research online systems. We trialled membermojo and could not be happier with the simplicity of the database for both our Instructors and Students! We have been inundated with positive feedback from everyone using it.
The ease of use, the ability to customise everything to meet our specific requirements and the technical support is outstanding. We would highly recommend membermojo to anyone thinking of streamlining their membership system - it has already saved us hours of weekly work with the automatic email reminders, group emailing and attendance records.”

Sensei Debbie Drain, Club Secretary & Instructor, Sama Karate Southwest

The Classic Corvette Club UK logo “For a number of years, our club used a paper based membership system which was extremely labour intensive, time consuming and not at all good for the world’s forests! We have now moved into the 21st century and use membermojo. Our data transfer from Microsoft Access to membermojo was so easy. Just a few clicks and it was done.
membermojo software presents information in a very professional and polished manner. membermojo also put us in touch with our membership card supplier and the two operators liaise very well with each other providing a total membership services solution.
After the initial setting up of the landing page, welcome pack and member directories, aside from general maintenance, there is relatively little to do as our members access their own details to keep emails addresses and contact details up to date themselves. A number of our members were initially extremely reluctant about an online membership process as they thought it would be too difficult for them to use. We have loads of positive comments from our members commenting on how easy it is to negotiate through the membership process and what a big improvement using this package is. We are so pleased with this whole process we even include a QR code for our members to access their records with the minimum of effort on the back of our membership card.
Do we recommend membermojo? Of course we do, it’s fantastic and it has made our lives as Membership Secretary considerably easier.”

Jackie and Allen Fell, Membership Secretary, The Classic Corvette Club UK

The National Clarion Cycling Club logo “The National Clarion Cycling Club has some 1,900 members spread over 28 sections, and each one of those sections has different administrators and membership fees. Since 1894 our membership process has been paper-based and following a successful trial in 2017, we decided to roll out membermojo to all 28 sections in the UK for 2018.
We went live with different sections between November and January, following development of a standard template for all sections. Given the complexity of the Clarion Cycling Club, we really expected a much greater challenge than we found. If anyone was going to find inadequacies in the system we knew it would be us, but we didn’t find anything that was a show stopper, indeed better than that, it did everything we asked of it. (apart from currencies and different payment brokers)
membermojo is incredibly easy to come to terms with, the help comments against each field are perfectly explained. The ability to customise the landing page for each one of our club/sections gave a really nice identity for an ‘off the shelf system’. There really are too many features to compliment them all, but rest assured they all work really well, furthermore we haven’t found a single bug in the system. The support we got from membermojo themselves was prompt and helpful and the ability to have a single administrator download for all of our 28 sections was the single thing that made it work for us. Without that feature, we would have had to spend a lot more money.
Usually we have to wait nearly 4 months to get two thirds of our membership renewals each year. With the automatic reminders, we had three quarters of our members renewed by mid-January. It also means that some hesitant members who might not get around to renew, have renewed just because it’s easy to. And finally, this year we haven’t had to handle any paperwork and the workload for our membership secretaries is a tiny fraction of what it used to be.
We’d have no hesitation to recommend membermojo to other similar clubs and organisation.”

Ian Clarke, National Secretary, National Clarion Cycling Club

The Pells Pool Community Association logo “Previously everything had been done on paper (the form available on our website was a pdf) and everything was recorded and stored manually. Cards were made up and laminated ourselves. For lots of reasons this was poor system for swimmers and headache for the pool staff.
We looked at options for online systems - and identified membermojo as being the best option for us. It was used by small sports clubs (eg tennis, triathlete, running clubs etc) and from initial trial it had all the features we needed. We only zoned in on this in March - so it was a rapid deployment to have it ready by mid April.
In practice it has worked exceptionally well and exceeded our expectations. The service from the team in the setting up and identifying issues was terrific. And in just 3 weeks from launch of sales to opening day of swimming we reached our self-imposed 750 ticket limit.”

Rob Read, Pells Pool Community Association

The Sunbeam Tiger Owners Club logo “The Sunbeam Tiger Owners Club has now been with membermojo for two years, and we wonder how we ever managed without it.
Prior to going with membermojo, the club had numerous membership spreadsheets – all different! The system has an automatic structured approach to membership renewal, and this has undoubtedly helped our club’s cash flow, by systematically chasing up the ‘late payers’.
We make increasing use of the webmail facility, having set up several filtered membership groups. There are many other strong features, too numerous to list here. Clearly a lot of thought/experience has gone into this program, I often think to myself ‘I wonder if membermojo will do this for us? Almost without exception, it does.
Support - in the early days of using the system, we had a few queries. These were answered very promptly, often within the hour.”

Richard Danby, Chairman, Sunbeam Tiger Owners Club

The Cheshire Land Rover Club logo “membermojo is an absolute must for any club. Cheshire Land Rover Club are so pleased that it has eased the managing of memberships - it's bought a new level of efficiency. No more time consuming spreadsheets, sending renewal reminders or trips to bank. The database is simple to set up, with options to add fields applicable to your group and support from Ian is 1st Class if any problems. Even communicating with our Members has become easier thanks to the group email facility. To top it all off there's an option to have cards designed via ClubCards121 at a reasonable price and ....posted out to individual addresses if wanted.
Ultimately we now have the proficient system we yearned for thanks to membermojo.”

Jayne Blakeley, Membership Secretary, Cheshire Land Rover Club

The Dart Sailability logo “Disorganised Emails, insecure, inaccurate databases and a time-consuming membership system. That is what Dart Sailability had until we found membermojo and ClubCards121 just 12 months ago.
We now have a secure database, a semi automated Email system and continuity when people change roles within the club. Our treasurer does not have to handle cash and most fees are paid via Paypal or BACS. Our membership card system became easy to operate too, once we had persuaded our membership to edit their profiles.
The membermojo software also means that we can now retain officers in their posts for longer, because the boring and repetitive jobs have been eliminated.
Setting up mojo does take time and effort. Databases have to be knocked into shape before they can be uploaded and many decisions have to be made about systems and authorities. But once done it is simple to operate and easy to tweak. The system has a clear and detailed “Help” section and if further assistance is needed, the folk at mojo are always more than willing to explain.
If you want to improve and grow your organisation, having an efficient membership application and approval system is essential. (mojo links seamlessly onto our own website). We would not hesitate to recommend membermojo and ClubCards121 to clubs and societies, big or small.”

Bob Miller, Training Officer, Dart Sailability

The Sedbergh Shooting Club logo “membermojo is reasonably simple to use - it must be, I am using it! The program is user friendly, one entry onto a database that carries out multiple tasks, even places an order for your club cards.”

Paul Beavan, Club Secretary, Sedbergh Shooting Club

Nissan Figaro Owners Club logo “I must say that the software is awesome and worth every penny! I have been looking for something like this for years… It will save me personally around 2 hours work a day and has totally streamlined our procedures in additional to making the whole club look so much more professional!”

Kevin Fagan, Figaro Owners Club Founder

The Dursley Birdwatching and Preservation Society logo “Dursley Birdwatching and Preservation Society have been using membermojo for a year now and it has simplified and streamlined our society’s admin procedures very successfully. Importantly we have not had to make any significant procedural changes to suit the program, which was obviously created by someone who understands small club management. Support is excellent and very fast and the few queries we have had were answered within a couple of hours. I have no hesitation in recommending membermojo to other organisations.”

Chris Usher, Dursley Birdwatching and Preservation Society

The Central London Outdoor Group logo “The Central London Outdoor Group has been using this software since 2014. As a walking club (plus other outdoor activities) with around 200 members and 4 to 8 events on each week, we have found the integration of group email with the membership data incredibly useful. The software is well designed and easy to get started with. It works with a variety of different types of membership, membership forms and email structures, unlike other software we looked at which expect clubs to adjust themselves to the software. The support is excellent – questions answered quickly and clearly.”

Penny, Central London Outdoor Group

The Garden Tennis Club logo “The Gardens Tennis Club moved our members database and renewal/joining process to membermojo in April 2013 and we've not looked back since. We've streamlined the clubs membership renewal process, revolutionised membership tracking and improved communication to the members. membermojo had all the basics to get started, was simple and straightforward to configure and continues to add useful features some of which are requested by existing users. Introducing Paypal payments and a separate online book-keeping system (not part of membermojo but member details can be linked) means that we are actually looking forward to processing the 250+ renewals rather than dreading it. Our Club is run by a committee of volunteers who have been impressed by the efficiency membermojo has brought providing instant access to the current membership stats and demographics that the member groups (database queries) function allows. Keeping the membership database up to date is a key part of running the club successfully and easy collaboration between the Membership secretary, Team captains, Treasurer, Social secretary and Newsletter editor on the same live database means we can achieve a lot in a limited amount of time. Being able to target personalised emails to specific groups of members keeps club communications relevant and reduces spam. membermojo has bought the club operations into the 21st century which enables the club committee to continually focus on providing great tennis playing facilities in an enjoyable, safe and sociable environment to a growing membership.”

David Spilsbury, The Gardens Tennis Club

The Cranleigh Cycling Club logo “Membermojo has been a very easy system for us at Cranleigh Cycling Club to adopt and use on a regular basis. Ian has been really helpful in getting us up and running and answering any questions that may come up, as well as offering useful insights into what's been useful at other clubs across the country. As membership secretary, I personally appreciate the system as new members have found it easy to join and automatically receive a welcome email from the Club and links to other locally based groups that are of interest to them. There has only been a couple of little issues, which were quickly resolved and the system was updated to make the process seamless for future new members. Our records are now always up to date and viewable by any of the committee as they need them. The ability to set up different groups and create custom emails for them has been particularly well used.”

Stuart Cleevely, Cranleigh Cycling Club

British Rotorcraft Association logo “membermojo is one of the best applications I have used. When manually managing my associations membership it was always a worry. Have I missed anybody, did I send a card, who is up for renewal, who has renewed etc. membermojo removed all of that worry almost overnight. Faultless technical support to back it up. Fantastic!”

Steve Paffett, British Rotorcraft Association

Cambrian Mountains Society logo “We are a small charity (around 300 members). We decided to move to an on-line membership management system, to reduce the maintenance workload on committee members. After many months of research, we were puzzled by the very reasonable cost of membermojo (in our case £50 a year) compared with others which met our needs, one of which weighed in at 540 dollars - £344 - a year. We signed up for a 60-day membermojo trial (competitor offered 30 days) and found it easy to use - straightforward import from existing Excel file, very flexible, easy to integrate into our website, easy export for back-up, label printing, etc. There were one or two things that didn't quite fit in with our practices, so we mentioned them to membermojo. We received a reply within 24 hours saying that our suggestions would be implemented in the next system upgrade, in a few weeks' time. This has raised our opinion of membermojo from "brilliant" to "fantastic". It's a UK service that leaves its bigger US rivals standing in terms of pricing, offer and customer service.”

Richard Wilson, Cambrian Mountains Society

Holme Pierrepont Canoe Club logo “Since we started using membermojo it has transformed our membership records and membership fee collection. Everything is now so simple, allowing automated reminders and electronic payment. The system is simple to use and the support has been quick and efficient. I would not hesitate to recommend this product.”

Guy Wilson, Holme Pierrepont Canoe Club

The UK Tae Kwon Do Commission logo “As a martial arts group we were looking to find a way to manage our memberships with low overheads, after researching many many systems online we found membermojo to be the most advanced, simplest to use, and cost effective. The flexibility of the system was key for us to cater for all types of members, families, large groups and national clubs, not many systems can handle this but membermojo does it all. We were also looking for online payments, mobile devices compatible, and simple login and check your own memberships, and membermojo is perfect for this. We are now managing many members with minimal overhead and simplicity for each member to renew their subscriptions themselves. The support and responsiveness of the staff have been second to none so no matter what happens it will be sorted out quickly and efficiently. For us it's the perfect online membership management system, and would recommend it for any club, organisation or society that want to move their membership management forward to more modern systems.”

Gary Yelland, The UK Tae Kwon Do Commission

The UK Tae Kwon Do Commission logo “With a rapidly growing club the opportunity to move our membership administration online was too good to miss. The switch to membermojo was very straightforward and has saved us considerable time, especially when subscriptions are renewed. The support we have received since its introduction has also been very helpful. I’m pleased with the way membermojo assists us in the running of the club and would recommend it to others.”

Robert Skeet, Horsham Cycling

“I certainly find the member list easy to use, almost computer dinosaur proof! And I was able to renew membership using my iPhone.”

Committee member, Horsham Cycling

The Newbold Verdon Cricket Club logo “We couldn't be more pleased with membermojo! With all the benefits our committee (and playing members) couldn't imagine going back to paper records and cash transactions!”

Dan Chapman, Newbold Verdon Cricket Club

“membermojo has been a great help in managing our membership. It’s finally got rid of the many copies of Excel spreadsheets floating around and ensuring that we can keep in touch with all of our members without missing people out. I’m actually looking forward to having a nice straightforward membership renewal next year.”

Eastbourne Rovers Cycling Club “I cannot recommend membermojo highly enough; it truly is a godsend for the busy club administrator! Not only was it a breeze to set up, its simplicity for members to join or renew really has taken the burden out of chasing up subs, updating records and processing payments.
For Eastbourne Rovers CC, with over 200 members, it was about time we moved into the 21st century to lighten the load and bring a bit of professionalism to managing our membership, so we were delighted to find that this system did exactly that, and much more besides.
We have configured it to cater for a range of membership options, attracted new members by making it easy to sign up through our website and Facebook, cut down on admin by sending our club handbook, social media links and membership card as part of the welcome pack and have fully automated the whole membership reminder/renewal process with a system generated email containing a one click link to renew. Having our own membermojo homepage to highlight membership benefits and attract newcomers is a great feature too. If that’s not enough, the ease of communicating with all, or a selection of, members though the group email facility has been a real bonus, not to mention the ease of which up to date member information can be shared with the committee.
All in all, an excellent product, from an excellent support team, at an excellent price.”

Ann Human, Membership Secretary, Eastbourne Rovers CC

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