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Privacy Policy

Last modified: 26 April 2021

This notice describes the membermojo ltd. online privacy policy.

See Terms and Conditions establishing the use, disclaimers, and limitations of liability governing the use of our website.


Our GDPR page explains how membermojo supports you in complying with the General Data Protection Regulation.

Member Privacy Policy

Your members are governed by your organisation's privacy policy.

This page can be linked from your own privacy policy to explain what membermojo will do with your member's personal data in our capacity as a data processor.

Changes to the membermojo Privacy Policy

Changes to this policy are notified through Recent Changes.

Contact Us

If you have any questions regarding the membermojo privacy policy please email support@membermojo.co.uk.

Organisation member data

membermojo provides secure storage and membership processing for your organisation's member data in our capacity as a data processor.

What personal data does membermojo store and why?

We will capture and store the personal data for members as defined by your organisation.

We will also collect for support purposes:

  • The name and version of your browser and IP address.
  • Interaction with our site.
  • Emails sent to membermojo mailing lists.

How does membermojo protect personal data?

See Security of Your Membership Data.

How long does membermojo keep personal data for?

We will keep personal member data for members with a valid membership.

We will retain historic records containing personal member data for a period defined by your organisation. This includes:

  • Expired and archived member records.
  • Organisation history such as payments, activity logs and attendance records.

We will retain the following for support purposes:

  • Emails sent to membermojo mailing lists are kept for 14 days.
  • Database backups and application logs are kept for 90 days.
  • System logs are kept for 1 year.
  • Organisation and member data will be kept for 6 months after a plan or trial has expired so it can be recovered. You can ask us to remove it sooner.

Who does membermojo share personal data with?

We will never sell or trade personal data.

We may share personal data with our sub-processors to implement site functions such as hosting, email, payment processing or printing plastic membership cards.

The Sub Processors page has a full list and explains what is shared and why.

Who has access to personal member data?

  • Members who are given administration rights can see all personal data held by the organisation.
  • Members can view and amend their own data.
  • Members may be able to view select details of other members if an organisation administrator has configured a member directory.
  • membermojo support may access personal member data if instructed by a current organisation administrator with write access.

Organisation contact data

membermojo stores your organisation contact data in our capacity as a data controller alongside your member data.

What contact data does membermojo collect and why?

We will always collect:

  • A contact name and email for the organisation so we can contact you.
  • The name and email of all organisation administrators so we can validate support requests.
  • The name and email of any administrator making payment to membermojo ltd. for our accounts.

We may collect:

  • A contact name, email and central delivery address for membership card printing (if enabled).
  • An organisation address for VAT receipts.

How long does membermojo keep contact data for?

Organisation contact data is kept for 6 months after a plan or trial has expired so it can be recovered. You can ask us to remove it sooner.

We will keep membermojo ltd. payment data for 10 years.

Who has access to contact data?

membermojo support.


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