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One annual fee based on the number of members.

Members / Plan Annual Fee
50 Free1
100 £501
500 £95
1000 £175
2000 £300
5000 £475
10000 £635

There are no membermojo transaction charges or hidden fees. Prices are inclusive of VAT.

All plans include the membership database, automated renewal reminders, mailing lists, member directory, attendance register, membership card images, PayPal and offline payments.

1 Stripe payments, the member store and Mailchimp integration are available on plans supporting more than 100 members.

Online payment processors will charge an additional fee:

If, during the year, the number of members exceeds the plan limit you will be asked to upgrade to a larger plan and refunded for any remaining time on the current plan.

Your plan total includes members that have paid or are pending payment, and those retained for use after membership has lapsed. It does not include member records held in the download only archive.

Plastic Membership Cards

An optional add-on service for your membermojo membership software. Full colour, double sided and bio-degradable plastic membership cards printed from your membership database and delivered direct to you or your member's door by ClubCards121. See our Membership Cards page for more details.

Cards in Single Delivery Price per Card inc. P&P
1 £4.20 (includes covering letter)
2-6 £3.25
7-25 £2.90
26+ £2.55

Prices are per card in a single delivery to the same UK address inclusive of 2nd class postage and VAT. For example: a package containing 20 cards will cost 20 x £2.90 = £58.00; a single card sent to a member with covering letter is £4.20. for international delivery rates, printing to smart cards or cards with magnetic strips, or enclosing additional items with your cards.

Your first design and sample card is free. There are no additional charges and print runs can be as small as 1 card.