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Recent Changes

The most significant changes from recent releases.

14th October 2019

Choose fields shown on the member profile page
The fields displayed on the default member profile page now include those visible from the member directory for the signed in administrator. See Member Directories.
New administrator checkout actions
When an administrator completes a renewal or application on behalf of a member, the final receipt page now includes links to view the member's profile page or join another member.
Display of member number during administrator checkout
The 'On behalf of' banner shown at the top of all administrator checkout pages now includes the member's number. If a new member is joined the banner will display their name and number on the final receipt page.

13th September 2019

Many new features have been added to our system:

  • Support for the Stripe payment gateway supporting credit/debit cards, Apple and Google Pay.
  • A new form editor with support for conditional and file upload fields.
  • Checkout items for collecting additional fees from your member form or store page.
  • Request adhoc member payments for paying online.
  • Members only page.
  • Multi-member checkout with a single payment.
  • Improved admin support for phones and tablets.
  • and much more..

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23rd January 2019

Additional verification for password Sign In
To further protect your account we are asking all administrators to verify each browser used to access membermojo. Browsers are verified by clicking a link sent to you when signing in with password. Re-verification is required if the administrator email or password is changed. This change does not affect Sign In with email or member accounts and will be phased in over a number of weeks.

18th June 2018

Cookie controls
A new cookie page has been added to explain how we use cookies. All visitors to membermojo will be asked for consent.

16th April 2018

We have added a new GDPR page to explain how we support you in complying with the General Data Protection Regulation.
GDPR - Changes to our Privacy Policy
Our Privacy Policy has been rewritten to explain how we handle member data under GDPR.
GDPR - Changes to our Terms and Conditions
Our Terms and Conditions have been updated for GDPR. There are new sections for Fair Processing, Sub-Processing and Subject Access.
GDPR - Organisation history retention
A new Keep history for setting is available on the Organisation page. This controls when records, such as payments and archived members, are automatically removed from your database. The default is 120 months / 10 years.
GDPR - Right to Erasure
Under GDPR members can request their personal details are completely removed from your database. This is now possible from the member profile page.

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