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Recent Changes

The most significant changes from recent releases.

24th April 2024

Member directory CSV download
The option to download the member directory as a CSV file can now be controlled from the Directory Options page. Customers that previously ticked View member directory as table will no longer see the download option unless enabled from this page.

19th February 2024

One-click unsubscribe
All group emails now support "one-click unsubscribe" which many email services offer as an option when viewing email. This does not affect existing unsubscribe footer links. For more detail see Unsubscribe from Email.

11th December 2023

Many new features have been added to our system, including:

  • Member list column selection.
  • New columns including last payment, store purchase, age and attendance.
  • Improved group filtering.
  • Viewing members in a single directory or register.
  • Quick renew for administrators.
  • Voucher codes & Discounts.
  • Checkout item photos.

Please note that annual plan and membership card prices have also changed.

Read about our new release and Current Pricing.

21st September 2023

membermojo logo
Our logo has been updated. The new image can be downloaded here.

14th Novemeber 2022

Google reCAPTCHA
Key pages are now protected by the Google reCAPTCHA service. Our Sub Processors and Cookie pages have been updated. This change means that Apple Safari version 9 is no longer supported.

22nd August 2022

Mail merge for expired members without email
Expiries for members without an email address now appear on the Mail Merge for Members without email page.

11th April 2022

Membership Card Images
Membership Card Images now support high resolution backgrounds with adjustable transparency, plus the option to deliver an image instead of PDF to members. Cards can be viewed from the Your Membership page, the member menu top right, or by following the new [card_url] placeholder. Card images will display full screen when clicked.
High Resolution Logo
Organisation logos shown at the top of page now use a higher resolution when viewed on a modern display. This requires a new logo upload from the Organisation Settings page.
View browser sessions
A new Session Activity page lists the browsers that have accessed your account. Administrators will also see the time of last visit when they sign in.
New member defaults for admin and read only fields
When a new member is created any 'New member default value' defined on the member form will now be applied for admin and read only fields in addition to those visible to members.

3rd November 2021

Changes to linked member sign in
Linked members can now only sign in if the email field on the linked member form is visible. i.e. For linked members is set to 'Optional', 'Required' or 'Read Only'. Admins can still maintain linked member email addresses that are not visible, but these will only be used to send group emails. Also see Membership Form.

5th July 2021

Improved 'Reset for renewals'
Most fields can be now set to reset for a membership renewal. If the same field is required then the member is forced to re-enter a new value during renewal. This includes text, photo and file fields. 'Reset for renewals' is set on each field from the Member Form Editor page.

14 June 2021

Retain existing Mailchimp audience contacts
A Mailchimp audience can now be configured to retain contacts that are not populated by membermojo. This means an audience can now include contacts from membermojo and other sources, such as Mailchimp signup forms. See Adding an Audience with existing contacts on the Mailchimp help page.

9 June 2021

'Online Payment ID' added to completed payments page and CSV
The payment ID returned by Stripe or PayPal following an online payment can now be viewed on the Completed Payments page and in the matching CSV file.

18 May 2021

Protected Administrators
The first administrator that creates an organisation is 'protected'. This protection is now visible to all administrators from the membermojo Roles page. Our terms and conditions have been updated to explain that membermojo may remove protection after instruction from another administrator, followed by 6 months of protected administrator inactivity.

26 April 2021

Mailchimp Integration
Mailchimp audience contacts can now be populated and maintained using the members in a membermojo group. Mailchimp is connected and configured from the new Mailchimp Settings page. This feature is available for plans supporting more than 100 members.
Change to Privacy Policy
We have increased the time data is retained for support use. Database backups and application logs are now kept for 90 days. System logs are kept for 1 year. See Privacy Policy.

23rd November 2020

Password strength
Password strength is now measured using data from the Have I Been Pwned? service. Existing passwords are not affected, but new passwords that are considered weak will be rejected.

8th October 2020

Email improvements
A number of changes have been made to the way we process and send email. Read about our changes.
Change to Terms and Conditions
Under Appropriate site content and use we have added that we may remove the ability to send email if a significant number of emails are bounced or cause complaints. See Terms and Conditions.
Change to Sub Processing
We have clarified that the Amazon Simple Email Service (SES) may be used to send and receive emails. See Sub Processors.

20th July 2020

Download Zip of Member Photos or Files
A new option has been added to the Members Home page to download multiple member photos or files within a single zip file. The download can be limited to a member group and photos/files can be grouped within folders named after fields from your form - such as team or age group.

19th March 2020

Pausing or extending memberships
A new help page has been added to explain how to pause current memberships or extend their expiry dates.

7th January 2020

'Paid Date' added to Payment Items CSV
The date an offline payment is received has been added to the Payment Items CSV file. This file can be downloaded from the Payment Items page.

3rd January 2020

Change to Member List defaulting for new or imported members
When a new member is added or imported to the Member List, the Membership and custom choice fields are no longer defaulted to the first possible value. Defaults for choice fields can be set from the Member Form page.

16th December 2019

Change in timing for automated system emails.
Automated system emails, such as renewal reminders, are now sent early morning on the due date. Previously these were sent late evening.
Change to Sub Processing
Our Sub Processors page has been updated to add the Simple Email Service provided by Amazon Web Services.

14th October 2019

Choose fields shown on the member profile page
The fields displayed on the default member profile page now include those visible from the member directory for the signed in administrator. See Member Directories.
New administrator checkout actions
When an administrator completes a renewal or application on behalf of a member, the final receipt page now includes links to view the member's profile page or join another member.
Display of member number during administrator checkout
The 'On behalf of' banner shown at the top of all administrator checkout pages now includes the member's number. If a new member is joined the banner will display their name and number on the final receipt page.

13th September 2019

Many new features have been added to our system:

  • Support for the Stripe payment gateway supporting credit/debit cards, Apple and Google Pay.
  • A new form editor with support for conditional and file upload fields.
  • Checkout items for collecting additional fees from your member form or store page.
  • Request adhoc member payments for paying online.
  • Members only page.
  • Multi-member checkout with a single payment.
  • Improved admin support for phones and tablets.
  • and much more..

Read about our new release

23rd January 2019

Additional verification for password Sign In
To further protect your account we are asking all administrators to verify each browser used to access membermojo. Browsers are verified by clicking a link sent to you when signing in with password. Re-verification is required if the administrator email or password is changed. This change does not affect Sign In with email or member accounts and will be phased in over a number of weeks.

18th June 2018

Cookie controls
A new cookie page has been added to explain how we use cookies. All visitors to membermojo will be asked for consent.

16th April 2018

We have added a new GDPR page to explain how we support you in complying with the General Data Protection Regulation.
GDPR - Changes to our Privacy Policy
Our Privacy Policy has been rewritten to explain how we handle member data under GDPR.
GDPR - Changes to our Terms and Conditions
Our Terms and Conditions have been updated for GDPR. There are new sections for Fair Processing, Sub-Processing and Subject Access.
GDPR - Organisation history retention
A new Keep history for setting is available on the Organisation page. This controls when records, such as payments and archived members, are automatically removed from your database. The default is 120 months / 10 years.
GDPR - Right to Erasure
Under GDPR members can request their personal details are completely removed from your database. This is now possible from the member profile page.

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