Recent Changes

The most significant changes from recent releases.

2nd December 2016

Recording attendance for past dates
New dates can be now added to the attendance table so that records can be updated on a different date to the event. Dates are added on the Attendance History page.
Activity log now includes change of membership during renewal
If a member changes their membership during a renewal it is now recorded as a separate event in the Activity log.

1st August 2016

Suppress expiry reminders for individual members
A new System email field has been added to each member record. If set to No expiry, reminder and expiry emails will not be sent. Membership will still expire if the membership is not renewed, but this will happen silently. This is useful for members with pre-existing automated payments such a standing orders or direct debits who should not be prompted to renew manually.
Mail Merge for members without email
System emails, such as expiry reminders, that can't be sent because the member has no email address are now recorded as activities. These activities can be searched for and matching member details downloaded for mail merge in applications like Microsoft Word. To download mail merge files visit the new Mail Merge for Members without email page.

23rd May 2016

View attendance per member
The administrator member profile page now displays attendance records.

27th April 2016

New Member Directory
A member directory allows your members to lookup other member contact details. Which details gets shared and to who can all be controlled. To setup a member directory visit the Member Directories & Registers page.
New Attendance Register
Record member attendance by scanning the QR code on a membermojo plastic membership card or by ticking a box on any device. Attendance history can be reviewed or downloaded at any time. To create a register visit the Member Directories & Registers page.

3rd March 2016

Download CSV for pending approvals and pending completions
Member details can now be downloaded as a CSV file for pending membership approvals and memberships that have been approved but are not yet completed. Click Download CSV on the Membership Approvals page.

16th January 2016

Add titles to the system Title field.
By default the Title field has options for Mr/Mrs/Ms/Miss. Additional titles can now be added using the Member Form Editor.
Improved form field formatting
Form fields will now become wider instead of taller with long label or help text. To apply changes to existing forms visit the Member Form Editor, click on the fields to change, then Save.

4th January 2016

Administrators can renew or join members using hidden memberships
Memberships can be hidden so they can't be selected by members. This can be used to retire old memberships or reserve memberships for internal use - such as an honorary membership. Administrators can now join or renew members using hidden memberships. When selecting the membership hidden entries are marked with a '*'.

30th November 2015

Force reply address on group emails
Emails sent using Member Groups can now use a fixed reply address for any sender - such as a central organisation address. Leave the field blank to have replies returned to the sender.
Second member email address
A new field Email 2 (mailing list only) can be added to the Member Form. Group emails will be sent to the member's email plus this new address when present. The new field can be added to your form on the Settings / Member Form page.
Adding a reason when deleting members
When a member is deleted from the Members / Member List page an administrator can now enter a reason. This text is recorded in the Activity Log and the member archive if enabled.
New member payment breakdown page
Members can now click on a pending or completed payment from the Your Membership page to view a breakdown showing membership, joining and donation fees.
Full member details are no longer included in welcome pack emails
Welcome pack emails sent to new or renewing members will now only contain member names, email addresses and member numbers by default. Other fields can be viewed securely by signing in or explicitly added to welcome pack emails using placeholders.
The donation field can now be renamed
If the donation field is renamed for taking ad-hoc payments the new name will now show on any payment breakdowns.

1st September 2015

Activity log now records changes of email
An entry will be made in the activity log whenever a member email address is modified.

7th August July 2015

New 'Lead membermojo ID' column in CSV download.
The members.csv export now contains a column which allows linked member records to be reliably linked to the lead member record. The new column appears after the existing 'membermojo ID' column.
'membermojo ID' column added to payments and activity downloads.
The unique 'membermojo ID' given to every member has been added to all payment and activity CSV downloads. This allows member details to be added to payment or activity reports using Excel vlookup. The new column appears after the existing 'Member number' column (or 'Email' if 'Member number' is not part of your form).

14th July 2015

Show lead member fields on linked member records
Most form fields for linked members can now be set to 'Same as lead member' on the Settings / Member Form page. The lead member fields will show when viewing linked members on the Member List page or downloaded as a CSV file. This is useful for fields such as contact number, where the same number may apply to all members of a family.

29th March 2015

New 'Until Date' membership type
Memberships can now be set to expire on a fixed date rather than after a period of time. This can be used to create part year installment or to cover irregular periods such as school terms.
Offline payments for administrators but not members
Offline payments can now be enabled for administrators only. This is useful to help persuade as many members to pay online but retain a fall back to offline payments for administrator joins and renewals.

16th March 2015

Tap and hold to change a cell on tablets and phones
Table cells can now be edited by touching the cell for 1 second. To complete the edit touch any other part of the screen.
Full screen display for tablets and phones
When a membermojo page is saved to an icon on the home screen it will now open full screen without an address bar.

26th February 2015

Keep expired member records for up to 36 months
The number of months that expired member records are retained for online viewing can now be changed on the Settings / Organisation page.
Member record archive
Member records can now be archived when manually removed by an administrator or automatically removed from the expired member list after the retention period. Archived member records are kept for 10 years for download only. Archiving is off by default and can be enabled on the Settings / Organisation page.
Change how far in advance members can renew
By default members can renew 2 months in advance of their membership expiring. This can now be change to between 1 and 6 months on the Settings / Organisation page.
Extend elapsed memberships for late renewals
If a member has let their membership lapse then renews it is now possible to extend the previous membership period rather than start a new one. This means late renewals no longer gain a small window of membership without paying. The period this applies for is set on the Settings / Organisation page.
Waive joining fee for late renewals
A grace period can now be set so that late renewals are not charged a (re)joining fee. This period is set on the Settings / Organisation page.

14 January 2015

Edit all system generated member emails
Text and attachments can be now be modified for all system generated member emails. The includes membership expiry, payment notices and membership approval messages. Emails are edited on the Welcome Pack & System Email page.
Automated renewal notice sent 28 days before expiry
An automated renewal email can now be sent 28 days before a membership expires. This is particularly useful for Elapsed memberships where each member may have a different expiry date and it is not possible to send a single 'end of year' message using group email. The renewal notice is enabled and edited using the Welcome Pack & System Email page.
Automated recently expired email sent 28 days after expiry
An automated email can now be sent 28 days after a membership has lapsed to encourage members to rejoin. The recently expired email is enabled and edited using the Welcome Pack & System Email page.
Separate welcome pack for joining and renewal
A renewing member can now receive a different welcome pack to new joiners. This email is enabled and edited through the Welcome Pack & System Email page.
Expiry date placeholder
The [expiry_date] placeholder can now be used in system and group emails. See the Email Placeholders page for the full list.
Membership panel footnote
A footnote can now be added underneath the list of memberships that are shown on your membermojo home page. For example, 'Prices include VAT'. The footnote is edited on the Home Page Options page.
View email delivery failures
Email delivery issues caused by incorrect email addresses or system issues can now be viewed on the Failed Email Delivery page. A warning will also be shown on the member profile and reported in the administrator's daily summary email.

25 November 2014

Improvements to embedded pages
Several changes have been made to fully create the illusion that embedded membermojo forms are part of your site. a) Embedded pages no longer carry any membermojo branding in the header. b) Left and right margins have been removed to give more options for alignment in your page. c) A small helper script is now available to automatically control height and avoid unnecessary whitespace or scrollbars. See our Example Club embedded form or How to Link Your Website to membermojo for more details.

17 November 2014

New membership email placeholders
Two new placeholders have been added. [membership_name] is replaced with the name of the member's current membership. [membership_price] is replaced with the price at the time the email is generated.

14 October 2014

Member group filter for outstanding payments
Use the 'Payment pending for more than (days)' filter to build a list of members that have not paid.

9 October 2014

Memberships with joining fees
A joining fee for new and elapsed memberships can now be configured on the Settings / Organisation page. Joining fees are added to any membership fees and collected with a single payment. The joining fee amount can be seen on payments and downloaded from the Members / Completed Payments page.
Memberships requiring approval
Memberships can now be marked as requiring approval before payment is taken. Members are asked to complete the membership form then send their details for approval. Administrators can receive email notification of the request and approve or reject using the new Members / Membership Approvals page. Once approved members are invited to complete the application with payment. If no payment is due the membership will become active when approved.
Gift Aid and Donations
Fields have been added to support gift-aid declarations and voluntary donations. If the Gift aid field is enabled on the Settings / Member Form page the field value and the member's address is included on the completed payments download. When Donation is enabled the member can enter an additional payment amount when joining or renewing. The donation is added to any membership fees and collected with a single payment. The donation amount can be seen on payments and downloaded from the Members / Completed Payments page.
Daily activity summary email for administrators
A daily email reporting on new joiners, renewals, membership expiries and group email activity can now be sent to administrators. Visit the Settings / Your Notifications page to enable.
Administrator Join and Renew on behalf of member
A Join button on the Members / Member List page and a Renew button on the member profile allow administrators to join and renew members as if they were the member, including the creation of payment records.
Free memberships
All memberships can now have a zero price.
Improved member pages for Join and Renewal
This includes prompts to clarify joining fees, expiry dates and linked member entry. Plus when paying offline members must now select a method (e.g. bank transfer) from the list configured on the Settings / Organisation page. This method can then be viewed and modified on the administrator payment screens.
Flexible membership name and ordering
Administrators now have full control over membership names and the order they appear on the home page. Following this upgrade membership names will look exactly as they did before including the length of membership - but now the name can now be changed. When listed on the home page memberships may include footnotes to clarify expiry dates, joining fees or approvals. Use the Order column on the memberships table (Settings / Organisation) to set the display order.
New Paid, Notes and Offline Method payment fields
The Members / Pending Payments and Members / Completed Payments pages now support optional entry of Paid, Administrator Notes and modification of Offline method. These fields are also included in payment downloads.
Resend a Welcome Pack
Administrators can now resend a member Welcome Pack if an email address has been corrected.
Improved Member Number Visibility
If enabled (on your member form) member numbers are now shown on payment and activity pages and downloads. Member numbers are also sorted correctly on the Members / Member List page.
Improved display of payments and activities
The Members / Pending Payments, Members / Completed Payments and Members / Activity Log page content is now easier to navigate and modify, can be viewed full screen and sorted or filtered using spreadsheet like table views.
New member group filters - no email address and lead member
Member groups can now be built for members without email addresses and lead members.
Change labels on built-in form fields
Several labels for built-in fields like Donation, Photo and address can now be changed.
Memberships are active until expiry
Before this release a membership would pend whist waiting for a renewal payment even if this was inside the expiry date. Memberships now stay active until the expiry date.
Payment instructions can include links
Payment instructions entered on the (Settings / Organisation) page can now contain links. Click the Insert Link button and modify the inserted text.

1 June 2014

Printed plastic membership cards
Plastic membership cards can now be printed and delivered to your door using the member details stored in your database. The card is printed with your design on both sides, your choice of member fields and an optional QR code for administrators to access a member's profile from a smartphone. Visit the Settings / Membership Cards page for more details.
PDF membership card images
Membership cards are now sent as PDF files to accurately control the size when printed. Cards are credit card size when printed without scaling.
Member files
Administrators can now upload files, such as certificates, for members to view through their profile page. To upload a file view the member page and under the Member Files section click Add File.

14 Apr 2014

Member photos
Member photos can now be added to your database. Once added to your form a photo can be cropped and uploaded from an existing file or directly from a smartphone camera by members and administrators. Photos can be viewed from member pages, the member list and will appear on membership cards. To add a photo to your form, select Photo from the Settings / Member Form page.
Member photos and membership name added to membership card images
Membership card images, sent to members when joining and renewing, will now show the membership name, such as Adult, if there is more than one membership on offer. If a member photo has been uploaded this will also be shown on the card.

28 Feb 2014

Use the same email address for multiple memberships
A member no longer needs a unique email address. Multiple members can now share the same address such as a couple, or parent with children at the same club. Members still login using their email but can choose which member to view, edit or renew using a drop down in place of the member's name. New members are added by signing in and clicking on create a new membership that shares you email from the membership form.
Automatic member number
A new Member number field can now be added to member forms and membership card images, and searched from quick lookup. Member number increments automatically every time a new member is added using a starting value set on the Settings / Organisation page. The field can be amended by administrators, but is readonly for members.
Embed membermojo forms and pages in your site
Member forms and pages can now be formatted for embedding within another site. Embedded pages are responsive, so adapt to the space provided, and are stripped of unnecessary headers and footers. See How to Link Your Website to membermojo.
Member ID added to member CSV downloads
A new membermojo ID column has been added to the member CSV downloads. This is our unique member ID and is used to construct member URLs viewable by administrators -<shortname>/membership/member/<ID>.

14th Feb 2014

Mail merge any form field with your emails
Welcome pack and member group emails now support placeholders for all member form fields. The full list of placeholders for your organisation can be found at Settings / Member Groups & Mailing Lists / Email Placeholders.
Life memberships
Life memberships can now be created. A life membership will hide the expiry date and membership duration fields from members.

3rd Feb 2014

Suspend membership expiry processing and member access
New member applications, member Sign In and expiry processing can now be temporarily suspended. This can be useful to prevent member interaction during initial membermojo setup. The new options are found on the Settings / Make Live page.
Short custom form fields
Custom text fields now have a short option in addition to 1, 2, or 5 lines.
Auto-sized home page images
Home page images are now automatically sized to fit alongside the membership sidebar for any size screen.

22nd Jan 2014

Expired members are kept for 3 months
If a member chooses not to renew their membership they are automatically expired and removed from the member list. A new option has been added to the Member List page to view or download expired members. 3 months after expiry the member record is removed.
Flexible offline payment methods, including bank transfer and cash
Offline payment instructions can now be entered on the Settings / Organisation page. The field can be used to describe any offline method such as cheque, bank transfer, cash or standing order. If you were previously using cheque payments your payee and contact address have been migrated to the new field. All payment instructions are encrypted before being stored on our servers.
Twitter and Facebook integration
Your Twitter account and Facebook page can now be entered onto the Settings / Organisation page. When set, links will appear at the foot of each of your pages and additional options made available for your membermojo home page.
Improved membermojo home page panel
The panel used to display contact and membership information can now show contact number, contact name, payment methods, Twitter link or Tweets and a Facebook link or posts. The panel is configured using the new membermojo Home Page Options page.
Upload pictures and documents for use on your membermojo home page
Pictures and documents can now be uploaded to your home page from the Settings / membermojo Home Page page. Once uploaded use the new Insert Image and Link To Document buttons within the editor.
Administrator and private memberships
When memberships are marked as visible they are offered to members. Memberships that are not visible can now be assigned by an administrator to any member. For example, this allows administrators to be given a private membership that members cannot see.
Member read-only form fields
Fields can now be marked as read-only for members but remain editable by administrators. This allows the administrator to set fields, such as membership or licence numbers, for viewing by the member. Read only fields are set on the Settings / Member Form page.
Titles for Explain form fields
Explain fields are used on member forms to display paragraphs of explanation text separately from entry fields. It is now possible to add a bold heading for the explanation text by entering it as a Label on the field editor.
Improved iPad and tablet support for administrators
Several changes have been made, including: a) Table cells on the Member List page (and other tables) can now be edited by selecting the field then clicking . b) The table no longer flashes on an iPad when a cell is selected.
Not-applicable option for linked member fields
For multi-member memberships fields that only apply to the lead members can now be marked as not applicable for linked members. This prevents those fields being shown on administrator pages and allows them to be left blank on the Member List table. Not applicable is set from the Settings / Member Form page.
New Title form field
A Mr/Mrs/Miss/Ms field has been added to the membermojo field list and no longer needs adding as a custom field. The field is enabled from the Settings / Member Form page.

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