Recent Changes

The most significant changes from recent releases.

23rd January 2019

Additional verification for password Sign In
To further protect your account we are asking all administrators to verify each browser used to access membermojo. Browsers are verified by clicking a link sent to you when signing in with password. Re-verification is required if the administrator email or password is changed. This change does not affect Sign In with email or member accounts and will be phased in over a number of weeks.

18th June 2018

Cookie controls
A new cookie page has been added to explain how we use cookies. All visitors to membermojo will be asked for consent.

16th April 2018

We have added a new GDPR page to explain how we support you in complying with the General Data Protection Regulation.
GDPR - Changes to our Privacy Policy
Our Privacy Policy has been rewritten to explain how we handle member data under GDPR.
GDPR - Changes to our Terms and Conditions
Our Terms and Conditions have been updated for GDPR. There are new sections for Fair Processing, Sub-Processing and Subject Access.
GDPR - Organisation history retention
A new Keep history for setting is available on the Settings / Organisation page. This controls when records, such as payments and archived members, are automatically removed from your database. The default is 120 months / 10 years.
GDPR - Right to Erasure
Under GDPR members can request their personal details are completely removed from your database. This is now possible from the member profile page. See Deleting Members for more details.

24th April 2017

Suppress all system emails for individual members
The System email field can no be set to None to suppress all system emails listed on the Welcome Pack & System Email page.
Attendance History column order
The left most date column on the attendance history pages is now the most recent.
Member document upload
When enabled members can upload documents to their profile from their Your Membership page. Enable this from the Settings / Organisation page.
Quick index for full screen member directory and attendance registers
A first letter index of last names is now shown down the right hand side for full screen member directory and attendance register pages. Clicking a letter will scroll matching members into view.
Showing attending members on the attendance register
When recording attendance the filter now supports displaying only members marked as attending, as well as hiding members marked as attending.

2nd December 2016

Recording attendance for past dates
New dates can be now added to the attendance table so that records can be updated on a different date to the event. Dates are added on the Attendance History page.
Activity log now includes change of membership during renewal
If a member changes their membership during a renewal it is now recorded as a separate event in the Activity log.

1st August 2016

Suppress expiry reminders for individual members
A new System email field has been added to each member record. If set to No expiry, reminder and expiry emails will not be sent. Membership will still expire if the membership is not renewed, but this will happen silently. This is useful for members with pre-existing automated payments such a standing orders or direct debits who should not be prompted to renew manually.
Mail Merge for members without email
System emails, such as expiry reminders, that can't be sent because the member has no email address are now recorded as activities. These activities can be searched for and matching member details downloaded for mail merge in applications like Microsoft Word. To download mail merge files visit the new Mail Merge for Members without email page.

23rd May 2016

View attendance per member
The administrator member profile page now displays attendance records.

27th April 2016

New Member Directory
A member directory allows your members to lookup other member contact details. Which details gets shared and to who can all be controlled. To setup a member directory visit the Member Directories & Registers page.
New Attendance Register
Record member attendance by scanning the QR code on a membermojo plastic membership card or by ticking a box on any device. Attendance history can be reviewed or downloaded at any time. To create a register visit the Member Directories & Registers page.

3rd March 2016

Download CSV for pending approvals and pending completions
Member details can now be downloaded as a CSV file for pending membership approvals and memberships that have been approved but are not yet completed. Click Download CSV on the Membership Approvals page.

16th January 2016

Add titles to the system Title field.
By default the Title field has options for Mr/Mrs/Ms/Miss. Additional titles can now be added using the Member Form Editor.
Improved form field formatting
Form fields will now become wider instead of taller with long label or help text. To apply changes to existing forms visit the Member Form Editor, click on the fields to change, then Save.

4th January 2016

Administrators can renew or join members using hidden memberships
Memberships can be hidden so they can't be selected by members. This can be used to retire old memberships or reserve memberships for internal use - such as an honorary membership. Administrators can now join or renew members using hidden memberships. When selecting the membership hidden entries are marked with a '*'.

30th November 2015

Force reply address on group emails
Emails sent using Member Groups can now use a fixed reply address for any sender - such as a central organisation address. Leave the field blank to have replies returned to the sender.
Second member email address
A new field Email 2 (mailing list only) can be added to the Member Form. Group emails will be sent to the member's email plus this new address when present. The new field can be added to your form on the Settings / Member Form page.
Adding a reason when deleting members
When a member is deleted from the Members / Member List page an administrator can now enter a reason. This text is recorded in the Activity Log and the member archive if enabled.
New member payment breakdown page
Members can now click on a pending or completed payment from the Your Membership page to view a breakdown showing membership, joining and donation fees.
Full member details are no longer included in welcome pack emails
Welcome pack emails sent to new or renewing members will now only contain member names, email addresses and member numbers by default. Other fields can be viewed securely by signing in or explicitly added to welcome pack emails using placeholders.
The donation field can now be renamed
If the donation field is renamed for taking ad-hoc payments the new name will now show on any payment breakdowns.

1st September 2015

Activity log now records changes of email
An entry will be made in the activity log whenever a member email address is modified.

7th August July 2015

New 'Lead membermojo ID' column in CSV download.
The members.csv export now contains a column which allows linked member records to be reliably linked to the lead member record. The new column appears after the existing 'membermojo ID' column.
'membermojo ID' column added to payments and activity downloads.
The unique 'membermojo ID' given to every member has been added to all payment and activity CSV downloads. This allows member details to be added to payment or activity reports using Excel vlookup. The new column appears after the existing 'Member number' column (or 'Email' if 'Member number' is not part of your form).

14th July 2015

Show lead member fields on linked member records
Most form fields for linked members can now be set to 'Same as lead member' on the Settings / Member Form page. The lead member fields will show when viewing linked members on the Member List page or downloaded as a CSV file. This is useful for fields such as contact number, where the same number may apply to all members of a family.

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