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Mailchimp provides email marketing services including HTML templates for formatting content and functions for measuring engagement.

membermojo will automatically populate the contacts within a Mailchimp audience using the members of a membermojo group.

Connecting Mailchimp

Connect membermojo to your Mailchimp account from the Mailchimp Settings page.

Once connected nothing will happen until a Mailchimp audience is linked to a member group.

Adding an Audience

Select a Mailchimp audience to populate under Add Audience, then choose a member group to populate that audience.

If no audience fields are selected membermojo will only populate the contact email field.

To populate other fields, such as name, select a Mailchimp Audience field and the matching membermojo field from your form. Typically the Mailchimp FNAME field is linked to First name and LNAME to Last name.

Note that only text, date and birthday audience fields are supported.

The list of audiences and fields is updated regularly. If you have made a recent change within Mailchimp that is not shown in membermojo click Refresh.

Adding an Audience with existing contacts

membermojo will match audience contacts with group members using their email address.

  • Fields on existing contacts that match group members will be updated.
  • A new subscribed contact will be created for group members that are not in your audience.
  • Contacts that have unsubscribed will stay unsubscribed.
  • Existing contacts that are not part of the group may be archived.

If you need to retain existing or support new contacts that are not part of the group (perhaps for a newsletter that includes non-members), then an additional audience field is required to identify those maintained by membermojo:

  • add a new Mailchimp audience text field 'Update Source' and give it a tag 'UPDATESRC'
  • from the Mailchimp Settings page click Refresh to update the list of available Audience fields in membermojo
  • select the new 'UPDATESRC' field and link it to the special field "membermojo" (at the bottom of the field list)
  • save

The new 'Update Source' field will be populated with the value "membermojo" for each contact that membermojo maintains. If that contact is later removed from the group they will be archived in Mailchimp. Contacts that do not have the "membermojo" value will not be archived.

If there is no 'Update Source' field then all contacts that are not part of the group will be archived.

Updating Contacts

The process of updating Mailchimp is automatic and triggered by changes to members, groups or Mailchimp configuration.

Mailchimp servers may take an hour or more to apply changes.

The time of last update is shown on the Mailchimp Settings page.

Duplicate Email Addresses

Unlike membermojo it is not possible for multiple Mailchimp contacts to have the same email address.

If multiple group members use a common email address membermojo will only create one Mailchimp contact. membermojo will attempt to select a lead member with the lowest member number as this contact.

Cleaned Contacts

Mailchimp may set a contact status to 'cleaned' for addresses with delivery issues. membermojo cannot remove these contacts.

Cleaned contacts cannot be archived, but can be permanently deleted using the Mailchimp dashboard.

Update Errors

Problems with audience updates are shown on the Mailchimp Settings page and are notified in the daily summary email.

Common issues include:

  • "looks fake or invalid, please enter a real email address" - the email address is incorrect.
  • "Your merge fields were invalid" - one or more Mailchimp audience fields may be marked as required but not updated by membermojo.

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