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Membership Database

Use our online software to create a membership database that fits your organisation.

Membership database page.

Choose Your Fields

membermojo provides the most commonly used fields, such as name, email, address and photo for use on your membership forms.

Additional fields can be added to capture important data for your organisation such as emergency contact, medical information or administrator-only notes.

All of these fields are stored within your membership database and can be maintained by members without your involvement.

Simple Administration

For administrators the membership database is viewed and edited like a spreadsheet.

Sort columns, filter rows, use keyboard shortcuts and view your member records full screen. To change a value, select the cell and start typing.

Multiple administrators can be added with permission to view or edit the database.


Create one or more membership levels for individuals or families with renewal aligned to your financial year or from the date of application.

New members can be asked to pay a joining fee or send their details for approval prior to payment.

If a membership lapses records are retained so reminders can be sent and late renewals will not have to re-key details. After the retention period records can be archived for future download.

Importing Members

Members can be imported at any time from Microsoft Access, Excel or similar applications. Match the columns in your existing member list with membermojo, copy and paste the member rows across, then press save. Done!

Quick member database lookup.

Quick Member Lookup

Use the quick find box to instantly view or edit a member's profile from any screen.

Export Your Membership Data

We understand this is your data and that it should be easy to extract. You can download a spreadsheet copy of the entire membership database at any time.

The export includes a unique member id for each row that can be used to link external systems.