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Collect payments for membership, store purchases or ad-hoc charges.

Pending membership payments page.

Online Payment

Use your PayPal or Stripe account to receive online payments.

Members can make secure payments with their PayPal account, credit and debit cards, or Apple Pay and Google Pay from a phone.

Money transfers directly from the member to your PayPal or Stripe account. No account or card details touch our systems.

There are no membermojo transaction fees (see pricing).

Offline Payment

If you collect payment through other means, such as cheque, bank transfer or cash, applications will pend until you indicate payment has been received.

When payment has been marked as received a confirmation is sent to the member.

Partial payments, the payment method (e.g. cash or cheque) and administrator notes can be recorded on the payment for later viewing or download.

Postal applications can be entered on behalf of a member by an administrator.

PayPal membership payment with joining fee and donation.

Renewal Billing

Renewal reminders are sent automatically as the membership expiry date approaches. Members click on a link to confirm their details and make payment.

Member Store

Sell tickets, club kit or anything with a price to members through your store.

Store items have options, such as a small or large jersey, and can be limited in quantity so members cannot buy an item that is sold out.

Ad-hoc Payment Requests

Collect miscellaneous payments using your membermojo checkout. Requests are sent by email and paid for by clicking a link.

Gift Aid and Donations

If your organisation is eligible for Gift Aid, membermojo will add gift-aid and address fields to your payment downloads.

Voluntary donations can be entered by members and are added to any membership subscription fee.

Export Your Payment Data

Your full payment history can be downloaded at anytime.