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How our Membership Software Can Help You

For many clubs, membership carries the largest administrative overhead. Finding and keeping the right people with sufficient spare time to process end of year renewals and new applications is a real issue. Once you have a list of members it needs maintaining - members move house, change email and phone numbers. That list probably needs sharing with other select members too - to send email newsletters, look up contact details or even popping something in the post. How do you securely distribute that list and how do you know everyone is working from the same copy?

But this isn't just an administration problem. Growing numbers of people, including your existing members and any future ones, run their lives online. Filling in paper forms, writing cheques and posting is no longer the norm and can act as a deterrent for many. Providing a convenient method for joining, renewing and maintaining their own details helps remove obstacles that prevent timely renewal, out of date information or joining in the first place. Online convenience also means understanding the shift from traditional desktop PC to mobile devices like tablets and smartphones. If an online system can be used from the device to hand, it's more likely to be used.

As a team we have years of experience helping run local small clubs and organisations in varied capacities. We have witnessed some of the problems first hand as part of a committee, but just as importantly as members too.

This is why we built membermojo and use it for our own clubs.

The Company

Ian Hiscock

membermojo was founded in 2012 by Ian Hiscock and is based close to the North Downs in Surrey, England.

Our committee experience helps us understand the problems, but putting together a modern online service has additional demands. Ian brings more than 20 years development and operational experience with a leading provider of trading systems to the financial markets. In addition to technology this brings us valuable knowledge in important areas such as security and process. The data we hold for you and our clubs is our top concern.