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Membership Form for Online Application and Renewal

New membership application form.

Collect your membership information at application and renewal using our custom forms.

Your Form

membermojo forms contain your logo and your choice of fields.

At it's simplest the membership form can contain just name and email, but is easily extended to mirror a paper equivalent using built-in fields such as address and date of birth, or by adding your own.

Pick your fields and define their order. Add headings and explanation text to help members complete the form.

When a member applies, renews or wants to update their details membermojo formats the form for their device - PC, tablet or mobile. See it in Action

Member photos can be cropped and uploaded from an existing picture or directly from a smartphone camera or webcam.

Family or Group Members

Additional members that are part of a family or group membership are entered into a second smaller form and linked to the lead member.

The Welcome Pack

When a member has joined or renewed they automatically receive a welcome email. This email contains your text, attachments, optional membership card image and confirmation of their details.

Administrator notification page for application and renewal.

Keeping Track

All significant member events are recorded in an activity log which can be downloaded or viewed by administrators. A daily activity email is sent to administrators listing new member registrations, renewals and expiries with clickable links to member profiles.

Mobile registration form.

Easy for Members

For many members their only interaction will be at renewal or application time.

For joining, renewing or updating details, members follow a simple link from your site or membermojo renewal email.

No Registration Required

Setting up your organisation and importing your existing member list requires no interaction from your members. Existing members will be sent an email and simple instructions at membership renewal.

Secure and Convenient Access

Members sign in by entering their email address then clicking on a link within the received email. Frequent visitors can set a password to sign in without waiting for an email.

This means most of your members will not need to invent and remember another password.

Friendly Communication

membermojo will automatically send renewal reminders, notification of application approvals, payments received and an optional chaser 28 days after a membership has elapsed. The wording and attachments for these emails can be personalised for your organisation.

Members without email

If some of your members do not have an email address just leave it blank. Member details for any missed automated emails can be downloaded for mail merge.