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Member Mailing List

Create one or more mailing lists from your membership database to send club newsletters or important email to your members.

Create a new mailing list.

Create a List for Different Groups

Every membermojo organisation has an all-members mailing list but others can be created too. Lists can be built in many ways using values from your database - such as the committee, those playing for a team, or members who have not yet renewed or paid.

Email Distribution

Distributing an email to members couldn't be simpler - send an email to a single mailing list address and let membermojo forward to list members.

You do not need to be signed in and can use any email application on any device. The email received by members will be exactly as you sent it including pictures and attachments with no additional branding.

Email is sent to each member individually. A member receiving email cannot see other member addresses.

Personalised Email

Send an email containing 'Dear [first_name]' and each member will receive an email addressed to them. Similar placeholders are provided for all fields on your form.

Mailchimp Integration

Populate the contacts in your Mailchimp audience using a membermojo group.

Audience contacts are automatically created or archived to match the members of your chosen group. Fields from your member records, such as name, are copied to Mailchimp audience fields so they can be included in your Mailchimp emails.