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Membership Form

Your membership form is modified using the Member Form page.

Fields added to your form will become columns on the Member List page.


The editor shows the selected fields on the left and a panel on the right for making changes.

Changes can be previewed using a member form without saving from the Preview tab.

Drag or click to reorder fields.

Once you have finished making changes click Save at the bottom of the page.

Adding new fields

First name, Last name, Email and Membership are mandatory fields and cannot be removed or their labels changed.

Additional fields are added using the Add Field tab on the right hand panel. New fields are chosen from three sources:

  • System defined fields - commonly used fields, such as Title or Address. Many system fields have significance to our system. For example Email 2 captures a second address for group emails; and Address fields are used for posting plastic cards to members. (select a field to view a description)
  • Custom fields - field types for your own fields - such as text, choice (drop down), a date or file upload. (select a type to view a description)
  • Checkout items - pre-defined checkout items.

Accept Terms fields

Use one or more custom Accept terms fields to record mandatory consent. Accept terms must be ticked before an application or renewal form will complete.

The member's Renewed On date records the date that the form was completed.

Accept terms fields will not appear in the Member List.

Keep the label short and use the help text to describe the consent that is being requested. If you need to link an external document or page, such as terms or privacy policy, see Adding links to help text below.

Choice fields

Offer the member a pre-defined list of options using a custom Choice field. Using a choice instead of a free text field prevents mis-typed values and means the field can filter member groups.

Options are displayed as a dropdown list or as multiple lines on the form.

A choice field can only store a single selection. If members can tick multiple options then use a series of Yes/No fields, one for each option.

Explain fields

Use custom Explain fields to add further text to your form that is not associated with a single field.

Explain fields can also be used to create separate sections within your form by changing Explain style to Like a heading (so that the label appears in a larger font) and Field layout to Separator before field (to add a separating line).

File upload fields

A single file is held for each file upload field.

The file can be viewed or deleted from the member profile page, or by the member from their Your Membership page.

Member number field

When a new member joins their number is allocated from the Next member number setting on the Organisation page.

Add the system defined Member number field to make this number visible.

By default member numbers are read only for members but can be changed at anytime by an administrator.

Photo fields

There are two system photo fields that can be added to your form.

Photos can be uploaded from an existing file or directly from a smartphone camera or laptop webcam.

Both fields can use portrait (35x45), square or landscape (86x54 - for membership card backgrounds) formats. Changing the Photo format value will not modify existing photos.

Tel number fields

Tel number fields (including the system contact and mobile numbers) will be displayed as a click to call link on mobile, and are prefixed with t: within CSV downloads to prevent Excel treating the value as a number.

Modifying a field

Select the Edit Field tab on the right hand panel then click on the field to modify.

  • Label - a short name for the field.
  • Help - text to display under the field explaining its purpose.
  • Field layout - the number of fields shown on the same line is determined by the browsers width. For mobile each field is shown on a new line, but for wider displays up to three fields can be shown on the same line. Field layout determines how the field is shown relative to the fields around it. Use the Preview tab to view the effect.
  • For lead members - controls if the field is optional, required, read only or admin only for lead members.
  • For linked members - controls if the field is optional, required, read only, admin only or 'same as lead' for linked members. Same as lead member will show the lead member value when viewed on the Member List page.
  • Show field rule - see conditional fields below.
  • move the selected field up/down.

An admin only field will be hidden from members but can be viewed and changed by administrators.

A read only field will not appear on a new member form (as there is no value) but will be shown during renewal. Read only fields can only be changed by administrators.

Deleting a field

Select the Edit Field tab on the right hand panel, click on the field to delete, then click at the bottom of the right hand panel.

Lead and linked member forms

If a membership category supports linked members, such as a couple or family, then two forms are used to collect member details. During application or renewal the lead member details are collected first followed by a page to collect details for each linked member.

By default all fields added to the Member Form page are shown on the lead member form, but only First name and Last name fields are shown for linked members.

Use the For lead members and For linked members options in the right hand panel to control whether the currently selected field appears on either form.

Click the Preview tab to confirm any changes.

Note that linked members can only sign in or send group email if their email field is visible to them. i.e. For linked members is set to 'Optional', 'Required' or 'Read Only'

New member default value

Choice and Yes/No fields can be given a default value for new members by selecting the field and changing the value from the Edit Field tab.

Changing the default for an existing field will not modify any existing member records.

Conditional fields

Fields can be hidden or displayed based on the value of other fields - such as an additional consent field when a junior membership is selected.

For example, to display an additional medical notes and consent field when a junior membership is selected:

  • select the Rules tab on the right hand panel and click Add Rule
  • give the rule a name, such as 'Junior Membership'
  • select Membership under Rule conditions, then the junior membership as the matching value
  • click OK to add the rule to the form
  • click Edit Field on the right hand panel and select the medical notes field
  • in the right hand panel for medical notes change Show field rule to the 'Junior membership' rule and repeat for the consent field
  • click Preview to test the change within a member form.

Reset for renewals

When a member renews the form is pre-populated with the values held on the member's record.

It may not be appropriate to default donation or some checkout items in this way (such as a T-shirt purchase). Or there may be fields that should be re-completed each year, such as uploading a recent photo.

To prevent a field from being pre-populated tick Reset for renewal on the Edit Field tab.

Adding links to help text

The help text that appears under a field can contain links to websites or documents.

To add a link:

  • click the field and place the cursor within the Help text box
  • click insert link to add a [https://page|name] template for your link
  • within the template change https://page to the link address, and link to the name that should be shown. e.g. [https://example.org/terms|Terms and Conditions]

To link a document uploaded to membermojo:

  • upload the document to your public home page on Home Page
  • copy the link for the document with right click / Copy Link Address
  • repeat the steps above using the copied link

Keyboard shortcuts

  • Ctrl+up / Ctrl+down - move field selection
  • Ctrl+enter - save form

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