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Winter 2023 Update

Our winter update includes many new features. We've listed the most significant of these below with links to any relevant pages.

Please note that annual plan and membership card prices have changed with this release. Full details on our pricing page.

Member list views

Tables showing lists of members (such as Member List) now support column selection using views.

Multiple views can be defined for use on tables and matching CSV downloads.

Many new columns are available for selection, including:

  • Last membership payment - amount, method, date and type.
  • Checkout item purchase.
  • Age - today, school year, age at start of club year and UK athletics categories.
  • Attendance - on a date, number of days since attending and member taking register.
  • Member has a photo or file upload.
  • Outstanding payments and payment requests.
  • Accept terms fields.

New columns can also be viewed through the member directory.

To get started click More / Change View in the Member List toolbar.

For more on views see Member List Views.

Improved group filtering

There are a number of improvements for filtering groups:

  • Filter using the new columns - such as school year.
  • Match one of many condition lists ('OR' query).
  • Include members from another group or exclude individual members.
  • More comparison types - 'not equal' for choice values, a blank text field or matching linked members.

To see the new options click -- add condition -- on any group.

Also see Member Groups & Mailing Lists.

Viewing members in a single directory or register

Directories have a new Can be selected by members option. When ticked the user can view members within individual directories - such as members of a special interest group.

The same applies to registers. A coach for multiple teams can now select a single team to record attendance for.

See Member Directories.

Quick renew for administrators

Quick Renew allows administrators to renew on behalf of a member with a single click, quickly search for the next member, then repeat with the same offline payment settings.

This simplifies recording automated payments made outside membermojo, such as annual standing orders.

From a member's profile page select Renew / Quick renew.

Also see Quick Renew.

Voucher codes & Discounts

Vouchers are used to offer discounts to new or existing members for membership fees and store purchases. Discounts are applied when a code is entered or automatically when a member belongs to a group.

Use this to offer new member promotions and gift vouchers, early bird renewal discounts or concessions to select members.

Visit Vouchers & Discounts to create your first voucher.

Also see Vouchers and Discounts;

Resend system emails

All commonly used system emails can now be resent from a member's profile page - useful when a member has mislaid an email or their address has changed.

This includes emails following membership approval, renewal reminders and expiry notices.

From a member's profile page click Resend to see the options.

Checkout item photos

Up 3 photos can be attached to a checkout item for viewing on the membership form and member store.

Use the Checkout Items page to create or edit items with photos.

Miscellaneous payment entry

Member payments that are unrelated to membermojo functions, such as adhoc donations, can now be entered as a miscellaneous payment.

From a member's profile page select Review to view payments then Add Payment at the bottom of the page.

Also see Miscellaneous Payments.

Other changes

  • System emails can include 10MB of attachments (up from 6MB).
  • Group emails up to 15MB in size (up from 10MB).
  • All payment and activity log pages now support entry of From and To dates to view or download matching records.
  • Organisations that accept PayPal payments can display PayPal's 'Pay later' button at checkout. Pay Later provides short term credit options such as "Pay in 3" for UK purchases. Add this button to checkout from the PayPal Payments page.
  • Stripe card entry now uses multiple entry fields for number, expiry and CVC instead of a single entry box. Postcode is no longer required.
  • Search the member directory using last name followed by first or first name followed by last.
  • The Member Groups & Mailing Lists page now displays member counts for each group.
  • Checkout items, memberships and vouchers can be copied without re-entering details by clicking More / Copy from list pages.

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