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Member Directories

A member directory allows one group of members to see chosen details of another group of members.

This could be members that have opted into a directory seeing contact numbers for each other, or a coach to see parent contact details for just his team.

Who is in the directory and who can see it are controlled using Member Groups - these must be created first. A directory is then created from Member Directories & Registers using the two groups and selecting which member fields will be visible.

If a member has access to a directory it will be shown on their Your Membership page.

A directory can also be used to record attendance - see Attendance Registers.

Creating a simple directory where all members can see each other

  1. Create a new directory by clicking Add Directory on the Member Directories & Registers page.
  2. Give it a name - such as 'All Members'.
  3. For Members in directory select 'Member group - All Members'.
  4. For Members who can view directory select 'Member group - All Members'.
  5. Under Fields choose which member fields can be seen in the directory, such as Contact number and Email. (name and photo is always included)
  6. Click Save.

The directory is now setup and can be viewed by you or your members from the Your Membership page.

Creating an all member directory visible to a smaller group

  1. Create a new member group that contains the members that need access, such as committee.
  2. Create a new directory where Members in directory is 'Member group - All Members' and Members who can use directory is your new group.

Creating a directory that members can opt into

Before creating the directory we need a member form field and member group containing members that have opted in.

  1. Visit the Member Form and add a Yes/No field for members to tick and opt-in to the directory.
  2. Create a new member group for members that have opted-in by filtering with your opt-in field set to Yes.
  3. Create a new directory where Members in directory and Members who can use directory is your new opt-in group.

Creating a directory that members can opt-in email and contact number separately

The technique is the same for multiple opt-in fields.

  1. Create a member form field for each opt-in. For example, opt-in to share email and opt-in to share contact number.
  2. Create a member group that contains members with each opt-in field. For example, member group containing members opted-in to share email and another for members opted-in to share contact numbers.
  3. Create a directory for each group, but when selecting Fields pick the field or fields that relate to the member group.

Creating a directory for coaches to see just their team players

This involves creating a group for each team, a group for each coach, then a directory for each coach/team combination.

  1. You will need a 'team' Choice field on your member form that is set correctly for each player. Create a member group for each team and filter using your 'team' field.
  2. Coaches will need their own member record so they can use the directory. Create a member group for each coach using an Include Member filter to add individuals to each coach group.
  3. Create a directory for each team where Members in directory is the team group and Members who can use directory is the matching coach group.

Viewing members in a single directory

By default a member will see a single combined directory containing all members they have access to and the fields that are visible from each directory.

A dropdown for viewing individual directories is displayed if any directories have the Can be selected by members option ticked. Members can use this to display just members from the selected directory.

Viewing the entire directory

By default members can only search the directory by name and can only view member records one at a time.

Use the View member directory as table option on the Directory Options page to give members access to a table showing all directory details.

When ticked a Table option will appear on the Member Directory page.

Changing fields displayed on the member profile page

By default the member profile page displays a summary of member details including name, email and member number.

Any fields visible to the signed in administrator from a directory will also be shown on the summary. This allows the view to be customised with the most important fields required for common administration tasks.

To add fields that should only be visible to administrators create a directory where Members in directory is 'All Members' and Members who can use directory is 'Administrators'. Then add the fields that should be displayed on the profile page.

Note that this only applies to lead members. Click Detail to view full information for linked members.

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