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Pausing or extending memberships

If an organisation feels it is inappropriate to ask members to renew on the normal schedule there are a few options.

Pausing membership processing

This method is suited to organisations whose memberships all end on the same day - usually linked to a club year.

Untick Make membership reminders and expiries live on the Make Live page to suspend the following:

  • sending 28, 9 and 2 day before renewal reminder emails
  • membership expiry
  • sending 28 day after 'recently expired' emails

Members will stay active and will not be expired, even if past their expiry date, but can still renew if they choose.

When Make membership reminders and expiries live is re-enabled the reminder sequence is resumed for any outstanding 9 and 2 day before reminders followed by membership expiry.

i.e. if disabled before the 9 day reminder is due then re-enabled a later date, the 9 day reminder will be sent overnight, the 2 day reminder a week later, then the final expiry notice 3 days after that.

Note that the 28 day before and 28 day after email will not be sent if reminders and expiries are paused and re-enabled at a later date.

Extending membership expiry dates

It is also possible to credit a membership with additional days by modifying the member's expiry date.

Days can be added to a large number of member expiry dates using copy/paste on the Member List page.

To add 30 days copy the following text then paste it into an expiry date cell. (see Using Tables for copy/paste help)


To add 30 days to the cell below paste again. Repeat for further cells.

Adjust the number of days by modifying the copied text. e.g. for 1 year


To avoid updating distant expiry dates sort the table first by the Expires On column to bring those records to the top or bottom of the table.

The same technique can be used for member groups. i.e. click Members from Member Groups & Mailing Lists.

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