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Using Tables

Tables are used on several pages to provide a convenient and compact method for viewing and editing many rows of data. Displayed data can be viewed full screen, sorted, filtered, copied, pasted and navigated using the keyboard - much like a spreadsheet.

Hover your mouse over to see column descriptions.


Click on the column header to sort first in ascending order, then descending, and again to remove the sort.


Type any filter text into the text box just above the column headers. Surround the text with double-quotes for an exact match.

Only rows containing the text will be displayed and the row count updated.

Cancel the filter by clicking .


Select the cell you wish to edit using the cursor keys or by clicking. To change its value double click, or click , or on a tablet or phone touch the cell and hold. Complete the edit by clicking elsewhere or pressing RETURN or TAB. No changes are made to the database until Save is clicked.

If the changes cannot be saved the rows and cells in error will be highlighted. Use and to review and correct each error, then click Save.

Use and to undo or redo individual changes. To abandon all current changes click Reload.

Some tables allow rows to be added and deleted:

  • Click to add a new row at the bottom of table.
  • Click to remove the currently selected row.

Full screen

Click to maximise the table within the browser window and use to restore.

Copy and Paste

Individual cells can be copied and pasted using your system's normal keyboard shortcuts. Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V on windows, Cmd+C and Cmd+V on a Mac.

To paste the same value to multiple cells in the same column repeat the paste. Each successive paste will move the selection to the row below, then update the cell with the same pasted value. Hold down the paste key to auto-repeat.

To copy all visible rows from the current table click then Ctrl+C or Cmd+C. Then paste directly into a spreadsheet.

See Importing Members for instructions on copy and pasting multiple member rows from a spreadsheet.

Read only columns

Columns with a grey background are read-only and cannot be changed.

Keyboard Shortcuts

To move the current cell selection:

  • Cursor keys - move selection
  • Ctrl+cursor keys - move selection to edge
  • Ctrl+home / Ctrl+end - move selection to first/last cell in table
  • PGDN / PGUP - move selection by one page


  • F2 / Ctrl+U - edit the selected cell
  • SPACE - toggle selected yes/no
  • DELETE - blank current text cell
  • TAB - complete edit and move selection right
  • ENTER - complete edit and move selection down
  • Ctrl+Z / Cmd+Z - undo
  • Ctrl+Y / Cmd+Y / Shift+Cmd+Z - redo
  • Ctrl+S - save
  • Ctrl+A / Cmd+A - new row


  • Shift+Ctrl+F / Shift+Cmd+F - move cursor to the filter text box

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