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Importing Members

First consider if you need to import members. If approaching the end of year you have the option of letting members join and type their details into membermojo for the new year. However, if you want to immediately start benefiting from a central member list, email distribution and other membermojo features, you will need to import.

Existing member lists are imported by copying from a spreadsheet and pasting into the Member List table. If you only have paper records enter the information straight into the table.

All member records are validated before being saved. If there are problems they will be highlighted in the table. Fixes can be made directly within the table or by undoing the change and pasting in a set of fresh rows from your spreadsheet. Pre-import preparation of the spreadsheet will avoid most, if not all, problems. If you continue to have problems or want help importing please contact us at support@membermojo.co.uk.

The import process will not send any emails to members. When the import is complete use Member Groups to notify your members.

Spreadsheet Preparation

If you have multiple spreadsheets of related data you will need to merge them into a single member sheet. Your spreadsheet needs to match the table you will be pasting to:

  1. One row of data per member.
  2. Remove yourself from this list as your member record already exists in the database. Your details will need updating separately.
  3. Separate out members who are part of, or linked to, a multi-member membership. e.g. family members. These linked members will be added after the main import. Note that all members in a multi-member membership must have the same membership. e.g. all 'Family 1 year'
  4. The spreadsheet column order must exactly match the table when using the System Default Member View. If there are blank columns in the table, your spreadsheet must also have a matching blank column.
    • Excel Tip - moving a column. Highlight the column by clicking on the header. Move the mouse cursor over the selection border until it changes to a 4-way arrow. Hold shift and drag the mouse to the new location.
    • Excel Tip - hiding a column. Making a column hidden in Excel prevents it from being copied. To hide a column right click on the column header and select Hide. To unhide a column select the columns either side of the hidden column, then right click and select Unhide.
  5. Check cell formats:
    • Dates should be in dd/mm/yyyy format.
    • Yes/No fields will be ticked if the cell has a value: '1', 'yes', 'y' or 'true'.
    • Choice fields (such as membership) must match enough leading characters to pick just one choice. For example, if there are two memberships 'Adult 3 years' and 'Adult 1 year' then 'Adult 1' is sufficient to match.
  6. The grey columns (Renewed on and Membership state) are read-only and cannot be changed through import. Any values pasted to these columns will be ignored. Renewed on is set when a member renews or joins for the first time. Membership state is always active for imported members.
  7. Update as many missing or incorrect email addresses as possible. Email is the field that allows members to update their own details and renew their membership online. Without it membermojo cannot send renewal reminders, expiry notices, group email or let a member sign-in. If a member has no email address leave it blank.
  8. Set your desired expiry date for all members taking into account any multi-year or lifetime memberships you support. Automated reminders and expiry processing uses this date.
  9. If you have added the Member number field to your form then existing numbers can be imported as if the column were text. If a member number cell is left blank the member will be given the Next member number from the Organisation page.

Import lead members

It isn't necessary to import all members in one hit, so start with a single record. It may be more comfortable if large lists are imported in several passes.

  1. Copy the rows without headers from the spreadsheet.
  2. Click More / Import Rows on the Member List page and paste using your system paste key. Ctrl+V on windows, Cmd+V on a Mac.
  3. Rows should now have been created in the table, one for each member, but not yet saved. Cells may be highlighted to indicate a formatting problem. If something unexpected has happened undo the change or Reload the table contents and repeat.
  4. When happy click Save. Saving the rows will validate all cells and if successful store them in the database. Any errors will be highlighted. Use and to review and correct each error. When fixed press Save then repeat until successful. Note that no rows are saved until all errors are fixed.

Import linked members

  1. If there are many linked members format a Linked To column in your spreadsheet before import. Linked To is the name of the lead member, optionally followed by their member number. e.g. 'John Smith (123)'. You can also import linked members with a blank Linked To, then manually edit.
  2. Copy the rows for linked members.
  3. Paste into the table using More / Import Rows as you did above.
  4. If blank, edit the Linked To column to assign each linked member to a lead member. The list of lead members is built from all members with a multi-member membership. Remember that linked members must have the same membership as the lead member.

Importing expired members

Members will always be imported with an active state and initially be shown on the Member List page.

However, members can be imported with a past expiry date. When reminders and expiry processing is made live from the Make Live page the system will start sending reminders to any member with near or past expiry dates. (see Going Live)

Final count

Update your own details manually, then verify that all members have been imported by comparing the row count on the Member List against your spreadsheet.

Ensure the Next member number on the Organisation page is greater than any imported numbers to prevent the system allocating a duplicate value for a future member.

Remember that a spreadsheet compatible copy of the member list can be downloaded as a CSV from the Member List page.

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