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Going Live

Members cannot sign in and reminder/expiry processing will not run until enabled from the Make Live page.

This allows an administrator to configure the site and import data in isolation.


Before making your system live please read and consider each of the Make Live Checklist points.

is displayed if there is a problem that will prevent members using the system.

Make membership reminders and expiries live

When you tick reminders and expiries the system will start a reminder sequence for any members within 9 days of expiry or overdue. The first reminder will be sent overnight, the second 7 days later, then a final membership expired email 3 days after that - taking 10 days in total. This means all members are given fair chance to renew, even if overdue, before being moved to the expired list.

To suppress reminder and expiry emails set the member's System email field to No expiry. The same processing will happen over 10 days, but no emails will be sent.

Changing Make Live Options

The make live options can be enabled or disabled at anytime.

Changing applications and member sign in has an immediate effect.

Changing reminders and expiries takes effect when emails are sent overnight. If disabled the reminder sequence for any near or overdue members is paused until re-enabled.

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