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Automated Membership Processing

Joining - with approval step

If a new member joins using a membership that requires approval they will complete the application form, then send it for approval by an administrator without making payment. The status of their membership will be Pending Approval.

Administrators are notified by email and can accept or reject the application from the Membership Approvals page.

If rejected a Membership Rejected email will be sent to the member and their member record removed.

If approved a Membership Approved email will be sent to the member asking them to sign in and complete the application with payment. Their status is changed to Pending Completion. Members in this state can be reviewed from the Membership Approvals page.

The member completes the application by following a link in the approval email, signing in, then making payment from the checkout page.

Note that when a free membership is approved the application completes immediately.

Joining - online payment (PayPal or Stripe)

When a member completes an application and pays online they are sent a Welcome Pack. This will include:

  • Confirmation of membership details and payment reference
  • Text you have entered into the welcome pack template
  • Any attachments you have added
  • If enabled, a membership card image (many cards if a multi-member membership)

The member is now active and an entry is added to the Activity Log.

Joining - offline payment

You can accept any form of offline payment (e.g. cash, cheque, bank transfer) and provide instructions for making it on the Offline Payments page. When an offline payment has been chosen the member will receive the same Welcome Pack but with payment instructions and no membership card image.

At this point the member is in a Pending Payment state and their payment will show on the Pending Payments page.

An administrator marks the payment as Paid on the the Pending Payments page when the money is received. The member receives a Payment received email confirming receipt and attaches a membership card image if enabled. The member is now active.

If time passes and no payment is received, an administrator can Cancel the payment from Pending Payments. The member receives a Payment Cancelled email indicating the membership application has been cancelled.

All of these events are recorded in the Activity Log.

Approaching expiry

Each member has an Expires on field that controls when their membership will be expired. If enabled membermojo will send automated reminder emails as that date approaches.

  1. An optional Renewal Notice sent 28 days before expiry. This is off by default.
  2. An Expiry Warning sent 9 days before expiry.
  3. A second expiry warning sent 7 days after the first.

To suppress these emails for individual members set the member's System Email field to No expiry or No expiry or 28 day. This is useful if members use automated payments such as standing orders and should not be reminded.


Memberships can be renewed a number of months before the expiry date. (set on the Membership Settings page).

Renewal follows the same pattern as joining. By default a member receives the same Welcome Pack as a new joiner. A renewal welcome pack can be enabled from the Welcome Pack & System Email page.

When a member renews, their new expiry date is set once payment has been received. If payment is not received by the current expiry date the member will be moved from active to pending to indicate they are no longer a paid member.

If a member renews an Elapsed membership before the expiry date the new membership term is added to the existing expiry date. This means there is no penalty for renewing early.


The member is expired and sent a Membership Expired email the day after the expiry date and an entry is made in the Activity Log.

Expired member records are retained for a number of months (set on the Organisation page) and can be viewed on the Expired Member List page.

Once expired the member will not be part of the 'All Members' group and will not have access to their Your Membership page. A member can renew whilst expired using their existing details.

An optional Membership Recently Expired email can be sent 28 days after expiry to encourage members to renew.

To suppress these emails for individual members set the System Email field to No expiry or No expiry or 28 day.

Late renewals

Settings on the Membership Settings page control late renewal processing.

  • Extend previous membership period for late renewals. Applies to Elapsed memberships. If a member renews late but before this number of months has passed the membership restarts from the expiry date. This prevents late renewals gaining periods of free membership.
  • Waive joining fee for late renewals. Applies to memberships with a Joining Fee. If a member renews late but before this number of months has passed the joining fee will be waived. After this period the joining applies.


Once the Keep Expired Members for period has passed the member is removed from Expired Member List and either deleted or archived if enabled.


Archiving is off by default but can be enabled from the Organisation page.

All member records that are manually or automatically removed are archived and retained for the period defined under Organisation History.

Archived member records cannot be viewed online, but can be downloaded from the Expired Member List page.

Sending Manual Reminders

If all your members expire on the same date you can use Member Groups & Mailing Lists to email all your members any number of days before expiry.

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