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Tips for moving to membermojo

This page lists a few tips that our customers have found useful when introducing membermojo.

The end of year or new system email

Many organisations use their end of year as the point when members need to renew for the next. membermojo will send renewal reminders 9 days before the start of your new year.

For renewal, best results are achieved if an organisation mail is sent in advance of the generated reminders. Remind your members why they should rejoin and that you are using an online system to do so.

Without that prompt members may ignore reminders from a system they are not familiar with.

Remember that membermojo makes emailing your current membership easy with Member Groups & Mailing Lists.

Or you can send an email 28 days before expiry using the Welcome Pack & System Email page - useful if you have no end of year and memberships can expire on different dates.

Testing renewals

It is likely you, as an administrator, and possibly your committee will want to test membermojo renewals as part of the trial.

Membership expiry dates are set for each member. If your expiry date occurs in the next 2 months you can renew now by clicking Join Us on your membermojo home page. If your expiry date is in the next 9 days you will sent a reminder with a renewal link. Ignore that and another will be sent a week later.

You can prompt any member into renewal by amending their expiry date. It is common for committee members to renew in advance of members so they know what to expect.

Note that renewal emails are generated overnight.

Simple forms

When designing new forms there can be a temptation to capture as much information about your member as possible. A long form will deter new members and delay renewals as it is no longer a quick task.

When using conditional fields, use fields near the top of form to control fields further down the form. That way the form can completed from top to bottom on small screens.

Keep your forms as simple as possible.

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