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Welcome Pack & System Email

The Welcome Pack & System Email page allows you to edit the text and attachments for automated emails - such as the new member welcome pack.

Click Email to Edit on the right to see the types of system emails that can be edited.

Once selected a description of the email's purpose will be displayed above the editor.

Personalised Email

Email text can be personalised, such as addressing a member by name - similar to a mail merge.

  1. Within the text editor place the cursor at the point you wish to insert the personalised field.
  2. Click the Insert Field menu and choose a field to insert. Placeholder text is added at the cursor.

When the email is generated the placeholder text will be replaced with the member value. For example, using 'Dear [first_name],' as the first line of text will send 'Dear John,', to the member John.

Send a test email

Send an example of the selected email to your admin address by clicking Send Test Email at the bottom of the page.

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