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membermojo Roles

There are three membermojo Site Roles which effect what a signed in member can see and do.

  • Member - the member can only see and edit their own details. They only have access to the Home and Your Membership menus and can't see the Members, Settings or Help menus. This is the default for all new members.
  • Administrator - can see all and make changes from all pages.
  • Readonly admin - can see all pages that a full administrator can, but can't make changes to members or settings. A Readonly admin can make payment for membermojo Plans and plastic membership cards, and can receive notifications if enabled through the Your Notifications page.

The role is changed by modifying the member's Site Role field.

Member Directory

By default a member can only see their own details. An administrator can give members access to a Member Directory so they can see selected details of other members.

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