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Email Delivery

Email processing

When an email is sent membermojo creates a record to track if it has been delivered. Records from the past 28 days can be viewed from a member's activity log page.

The recent email State column reports what has happened to each email:

  • Sent, the email has been sent but membermojo has received no delivery confirmation.
  • Delivered, the email has been received by the member's email provider and will be delivered to the member.
  • Bounced, the email has been received by the member's email provider but not delivered to the member due to a problem. The problem will normally be reported in the Error column.
  • Complaint, the email has been delivered to the member who then raised a complaint. Typically (and usually accidentally) by marking the email as spam.
  • Suppressed, the email was not sent due to a recent bounce or complaint.

Delivered email that has not arrived

When email is recorded as delivered it means the member's email provider confirmed receipt without any errors.

If the email has not arrived in the member's inbox then ask them to check:

  • Any spam/junk folders associated with this address. Note that some spam/junk folders may only visible through webmail. Marking an email as 'not spam' may help the provider recognise future email as genuine.
  • Any 'quarantine' areas provided by the email provider or anti-virus. Microsoft 365 administrators should check their Microsoft 365 Defender / Quarantine pages. Quarantined emails from membermojo.co.uk should be released and submitted to Microsoft to indicate the email is genuine. Microsoft 365 Quarantine instructions.
  • Status pages at the email provider for faults or delays to their service.
  • Any email rules that can change which folder email is delivered to.
  • Any email or domain block lists that contain membermojo.co.uk. For BT and Yahoo email see Block and unblock email addresses in Yahoo Mail.
  • If no email is arriving at a forwarded address change the membermojo email to avoid the forward. Some forwarders do not work for emails sent with forgery protection.
  • The mailbox is not full.

Delivered email sent to SPAM

Email providers use many factors to determine if an email is likely to be spam. This may include:

  • Content that they believe is typical of spam emails. Such as emails with an attachment, link or image, but no supporting text.
  • Use of phrases or links to sites that commonly appear in phishing emails or financial scams. (such as current news events)
  • Links to sites that have been blacklisted. (use mxtoolbox to check)
  • Shortened links, which hide the page a member will visit when clicked. Link shortening services are common targets for abuse and may be blacklisted.
  • How similar email has been managed by you or other users of their service. Marking an email as 'not spam' may help the provider recognise future email as genuine.

An unsubscribe link is an important signal to email providers that your emails can be controlled by their customers, and may reduce the chance of it being labelled as spam. All group emails support "one-click unsubscribe" which many email services offer as an option when viewing email. Unsubscribe footer links are automatically added to all renewal reminders, but are an option on group emails. We recommend adding footer unsubscribe links to all your group emails. See Member Groups & Mailing Lists and Unsubscribe from Email.

Adding membermojo from addresses to contact lists

If emails are bounced due to content issues or persistently misclassified as spam, ask the member to add the following addresses to their contact or safe senders list for their email account.

  • for group emails mailer.shortname@membermojo.co.uk
  • for system emails noreply.shortname@membermojo.co.uk

Replace shortname with the shortname for your organisation.

Bounces and Complaints

When a bounce or complaint is received membermojo will usually create a temporary block for that address to help protect our and your sender reputation with the mail provider.

The duration of the block is determined by the type of issue. Most bounces will result in a block for a number of days, but a spam complaint or incorrect email address will block for 2 years.

The Failed Email Delivery page shows the events that caused a block and the list of current blocks.

Blocks for complaints can be removed immediately.

Blocks for bounced emails can be removed after 24 hours.

Only unblock an address if you are certain the reason for failure has been resolved.

Note that membermojo will not attempt to resend emails that cause a bounce, block or complaint.

Bounce reasons

If an email bounces membermojo will normally receive a reason from the member's email provider. This text is shown on the member's activity log page and the Failed Email Delivery page.

Most reasons are straightforward, such as an incorrect email address, but you may also see messages similar to:

  • "Email content rejected" - the subject, body or attachment content has triggered a spam filter. Review the Delivered email sent to SPAM guidance above and ask the member to add our from addresses to their contact or safe senders list.
  • "Email rejected per DMARC policy", "DMARC Sender Invalid" - This is likely an email forwarding issue. membermojo publishes a DMARC policy that requests email providers reject email if it appears to be tampered with or forged. Some email forwarders modify email in a way that breaks this policy. Ask the member to use an address without a forward.
  • "Rejected by header based manually Blocked Senders", "rejected by organization policy", "Administrative prohibition" - a corporate email system is blocking email from unrecognised senders. Ask the member to use a different address or contact their IT team.
  • "Hop count exceeded - possible mail loop" - the email address is mis-configured. Ask the member to review their email account settings.
  • "Unable to lookup DNS", "Invalid domain", "Count not find a mail server" - the domain part of the email address (following the '@' symbol) is incorrect.
  • "over quota", "mailbox full" - the member's mailbox box is full.
  • "mailbox unavailable", "User unknown", "not a valid recipient", "RecipNotFound" - the member's email address is incorrect or is no longer valid.

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