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New member application with approval step

If a member selects a membership that Requires approval an additional approval step is added to the New member applications process before payment.

1. New member visits your membermojo membership form

Same as New member applications.

2. Member completes the application form

Same as New member applications.

3. Member sends the application for approval

All details entered on the form are displayed for the member to review.

If the details are correct the member clicks Send For Approval.

A sent for approval confirmation email is sent to the member.

A Membership approval required notification email is sent to any admins that have requested it.

The member is marked Pending Approval and appears on the Membership Approvals page.

4. Admin reviews the application

Once reviewed the admin accepts or rejects the application.

a) If the application is accepted the member is sent a membership approved email asking them to sign in and complete the application with payment. The member is marked Pending Completion and can be viewed from the Membership Approvals page.

b) If the application is rejected the member is sent a membership rejected email. Their member record is removed.

5. Member confirms details

The member clicks on a link within the approval email, signs in and re-confirms their details.

Same as New member applications.

6. Member chooses a payment method

See New member applications.

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