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Recording & Reviewing Attendance

Recording attendance

We recommend that any member recording attendance setup a membermojo password on their Your Membership page. A member must be signed in to record attendance and a password will make this easier.

There are two ways to record attendance:

With a membermojo plastic membership card

Use the camera in a phone or tablet and a QR code app to scan a membermojo plastic Membership Cards. (see QR code scanning for recommended applications)

When scanned the app will jump to the members profile page. For the first scan the page will ask the user to sign in. Once signed in the member profile will be shown for the scanned card.

A message will confirm attendance has been recorded if the signed in member has access to a member register that contains the scanned member.

From the Your Membership page

If a member has access to record attendance there will be an Update Register button on their Your Membership page.

Use the button on this page to fix the member search box at the top and show a quick access index on the right.

Locate the member by:

  • using the first letter index down the right
  • typing the first few letters of their first name, last name or member number into the search box
  • scrolling the list

To record attendance click on their name.

Click Hide members marked as attending to remove members from the list as they are ticked off.

Reviewing attendance

Administrators can review all attendance records. Members can only review attendance records they have access to.

Attendance records are kept for the period defined under Organisation History, but the pages can be limited to only show records after a date from the Directory Options page.

Reviewing attendance as an administrator

Attendance history can be view from the Attendance History page.

When the page first loads it will show a list of all members that have an attendance record. To restrict this list to a members in a group use the Member Group to view drop down.

The displayed register is downloaded by clicking Download CSV.

Reviewing attendance as a member

Click on the View Attendance button on the Your Membership page.

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