Security of Your Membership Data

Security and Member Privacy at membermojo

Security and Privacy are considered at all stages of design and implementation. Some of the key points are listed here:

  • Your data is stored on servers in a modern, secure, purpose built data centre in London, UK. Hourly encrypted backups are sent to a second secure data centre in Dublin, Ireland.
  • Online payments are transferred directly from the member to your PayPal account. No account or card details touch our systems.
  • Our mailing list sends email to each member individually. A member receiving email cannot see other member addresses.
  • Administrator access to your data is controlled by email and password. Selected members can be given read or write access to this data to avoid distributing or storing insecure copies.

Your member data belongs to you. We will never make any part of this available to 3rd parties. Please read our Privacy Policy.

Technical Security

We regularly review site security to ensure our servers are up to date and that we continue to follow industry best practice.

  • Every page on our site is encrypted using best practice SSL. We have maintained an A+ rating at
  • Passwords are never sent by email. Modern methods mean we don't (and shouldn't) know what your password is.
  • Passwords are one way encrypted using a modern multi-pass hash and unique salt before being stored.