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Example Club home page membership panel.

Link a Membership Form from Your Website

Whatever your site is built with - Wordpress, Wix or any system - if you can add a link you can add membership forms to your site.

One link is all that's required to direct members from your site to the membership form.

For example, follow this link to the Example Club membership form.

For more details on adding links see How to Link Your Website to membermojo.

Embed a Membership Form in Your Website

It is just as easy to embed the form so it appears on your own page. See our Example Club embedded form page.

For more details on embedding see How to Link Your Website to membermojo.

Create a Home Page at membermojo

Our membership software gives every membermojo organisation a https://membermojo.co.uk/organisation home page.

Your home page is a useful place to describe membership details for new members, or if you have no website of your own, use it to introduce your organisation and link it from Facebook or Twitter.

The page contains your text, pictures and documents, plus contact details and the memberships on offer. Your recent Tweets or Facebook posts can also be displayed.

From this page a member can join, renew or Sign In to amend their details.

Members only Home Page

Create a page only visible to paid up members.

Use this to host sensitive club information, details for member only events, or anything that should not be public.

Example Club

We have created a club so you can see and use our software from a member point of view. Visit the Example Club Website.

Feel free to join as any type of member, receive a welcome pack email, then sign in to view your details.

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New Features

The service is regularly improved with new and upgraded features.

Significant changes can be found on our Recent Changes page.

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