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Adult 1

Junior (under 18) 1

Family 1

Volunteer - 1 year 2

Free - 1 year

1 Expires 31/03/2021

2 Membership requires approval

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Payment: Cheque or bank transfer.

What Your Members See

The memberships you see on this page are a simple example of what we can offer you. Everything you see is quick and easy to set up. 

Feel free to play the part of an Example Club member. Click Join Us / Renew to experiment with our forms on desktop and mobile and apply for any membership. If you join we will send you an Example Club automated email - either a welcome pack to introduce ourselves or a 'Pending Approval' message if joining as a volunteer. You will be able to Sign In to view and amend your details as your members could.

The Example Club is reset every night. No entered details are retained and no payment is taken.

Example membership form

This Home Page

Every membermojo organisation has a home page like this. It's a useful place to describe your memberships, or if you have no website a simple starter page that can be linked from Facebook or Twitter. If you already have a membership page on your site the forms can be linked directly - in this case https://membermojo.co.uk/example/joinus - or embedded to look like part of your own page - see our embedded form example page

Your home page can contain images, uploaded documents of any type plus feeds from your Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Example Memberships


The Example Club has five memberships to demonstrate some of our options. No memberships require payment and you can cancel from any page.

We allow you to join more than once using the same email address, then make a single payment - as a parent would on behalf of several children. Do this by clicking New Membership from the Checkout page after completing the first application.

  • Adult - complete the form and choose to pay with Cheque or Bank Transfer (no payment details are requested). You will be sent a Welcome Pack and your membership will pend until payment is received (not part of the demo). For this membership the club year starts in April. If joining in February or March your membership will be rolled over to the following year.
  • Junior - the same as Adult, but a lower price.
  • Family - add 3 additional members to your membership. (the number of additional members can be changed)
  • Volunteer - this is a 1 year membership from the date of joining. In this example case we need to verify volunteers are suitable so the membership requires administrator approval. On application you will be sent a confirmation email. This would normally be followed by an acceptance (inviting payment) or rejection email - though not for this demo.
  • Free - a genuine free membership with no approval. As no payment is required your membership is active immediately and your welcome pack will include a self-print membership card.

Remember we also allow you to take online payment using PayPal, credit/debit cards and Apple/Google pay.



Start a 60 day Free TrialTo continue experimenting, but this time in the role of adminstrator, start a Free, no commitment 60 day trial.

To get a quick overview of our key features visit the Tour Pages or take a look at what our customers say.