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Register member attendance.

Attendance Register

Record member attendance at an event or session by ticking a box or scanning the QR code on a membermojo plastic membership card.

Quick and Easy

Once signed in use any phone or tablet QR code app to scan our plastic membership card, view the member profile and automatically record attendance for the current day. Repeat for each member.

Or view your register on our mobile optimised pages. Type a few letters to search by member name or scroll through the list and tick a box. Repeat for each member.

Review attendance history.

Restricted Access

One or more registers can be created for different groups of members. Each register defines who can view or update its content. For example, this allows select members to record attendance for everyone, or each coach for their own team.

Review Attendance Records

Administrators can review or download historic attendance records for all groups. Others, such as coaches, can only see the records for their team.