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Senior APT Response Team Member (min. 1 year post-DAPT or L4 Dip. APT experience)

Junior APT Response Team Member (CAPT or L3 Dip. APT qualified)

Trainee APT Response Team Member (employed as a Trainee APT on a substantive contract)

Membership requires approval

Welcome to UKDVI APT Response Team

The team is made up of Specialist Anatomical Pathology Technologists, and exists to provide assistance to UKDVI in the event of an incident in the UK or abroad, and to ensure the deceased are treated with dignity and respect throughout the DVI process.

As part of an operational team, members must abide by the published code of conduct and maintain their professional competence and, as such, we shall provide periodic training and other events to aid CPD.

Please don't hestitate to contact us, for whatever reason, at whatever time - we are here to support you, there's always someone on-call and we will help in any way we can.

Dave, John, Mike, Terry and Kevin
UKDVI APT Response Team Managers