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Full-time Student (School Year 12+, College, University)

Junior (up to School Year 11)

Friend of the Club (Non-rowing)

Expires 31/03/2021

Membership requires approval

Welcome to Torridge Pilot Gig Club

*** Coronavirus Update ***

Rowing is obviously not happening at the moment and so memberships are suspended.  If you have paid for membership year 2020/21, please be assured that you will still get a full year's rowing for your money, irrespective of when rowing starts up again.  If you have not yet renewed your membership, it is still helpful if you do so now.  No payment is required at this point.  Please follow the instructions below, but you will not get to the payment section and your application will be held for approval. Once things get back to normal, your application will be approved and you will then be able to pay. Thank you.


This page is for new and existing members of Torridge Pilot Gig Club.  As this is the first year that this system is in place, all members are treated as new first time round.  Membership applications are now open for the year commencing 1st April 2020.  Anyone completing their membership form and payment any time between now and then will automatically have their membership expiry extended to 31st March 2021.

For reasons of privacy, insurance and fairness it is essential that all members complete this process and pay before 31st March 2020.  No completed form and/or no payment means you will NOT be able to row (or cox) on or after 1st April.  The club will strictly enforce this.  Your calendar access will also be suspended.

Completing the form

From this page, click on "Join Us / Renew".  On the next page you will see the form.  Please do not try to Sign In - your details don't exist yet.  When completing the form, click Next, then on the next page click Checkout, then on the final page select your preferred payment option and click Pay. Please ensure you complete all details as fully as possible. If you select Pay by Bank Transfer, bank details are displayed on the confirmation page and will automatically be emailed to you. The payment reference should be your full name.  There is no need to include your Member number or the 12-character Payment reference. 

Shared email addresses

The system won't allow two different members to use the same email address if they register separately.  There are two options:

Option 1 is to join as a Family.  The cost is the same as for 2 adults anyway.  The form will allow you to register multiple members.

Option 2 is for one of you to register. Once you've done that, you can sign in. You don't need a password for that (although you can optionally create one) - you can simply sign in without a password and it will send you an email with a link. From there, you can add an additional member who shares the same email address.  It doesn't matter which one of you registers first.

Note that for either option you don't have to have the same email address, but they are the only ways of using a shared one.

Members joining after 1st October

There are reduced Adult and Family fees for new members joining from 1st October onwards.  From that date, the fee for adults is £30, reducing by £5 per month until the following March. For Family members, the fee is £60 reducing by £10 per month.

Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions of membership can be found by clicking here