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21/22 Season U7>U16 Payment 3 of 3 1

22/23 Season **EARLYRBIRD TO 15th JULY** U7>U17 Single Payment 2

22/23 Season **EARLYBIRD TO 15th JULY** U7>U17 Instalment Payment 1 of 3 3

22/23 Season - Under 6 (Reception and Year 1 only)- Single Payment 2

22/23 Season- Under 6 (Reception and Year 1 Only) Autumn Term Payment 3

1 Expires 31/07/2022

2 Expires 31/07/2023

3 Expires 31/12/2022

Welcome to MAFC Registrations 22/23 Season

Renewing  or joining  we’re super pleased to have you as part of this family friendly club, hoping some of the friends you make though ‘kicking the ball’ with us will remain life long and remember there’s always tasks and activities to be involved with at this volunteer led club. We hope the membership process is simple and quick but there’s some really important things that help our Club Secretary, Age groups Leads and coaches out so please take a few mins. Any questions just shout ! mayford0607@gmail.com

Here’s why we do registration in this way:

-We operate a ‘near’ all-inclusive model for training (*see below). This means we try not to burden coaches and parents on a weekly basis for any collection of funds. It also embraces our #MayfordDNA in that  we want our members to buy into the season and into the team. Be a part of it!

-We’re evolving the club and whilst most don’t miss  “weekly line marking duties” those tasks had a habit of bringing people together and improving sense of community. There’s always something to do so we ask for 4 volunteering hours primarily at the annual tournament but can also be used to run a club event. There’s space on the registration to put forward your skills to help ensure we keep the club thriving , changing and a fun place to be!

Some parents have asked if they can make an additional financial contribution or sponsor teams so you will see an update in the club store to faciltate this: https://membermojo.co.uk/mafc/store


  1. Keep Your existing profile if renewing If you’re renewing please LOGIN to your existing profile. There’s a password reset function so we don’t create new profiles as for renewing members all you previous information will be there for you to check and upload new documents (Picture and ID). Duplicate player records is an admin hassle and makes it harder for you to see what you’ve paid the club in one simple step for example in both the store and memberships.
  2. Gift Aid Checkbox_ If there is a UK taxpayer in the household please have them complete the registration form as primary contact and check the Gift Aid Box, This allows the club to claim 25% of the membership fees from HMRC. It will cost you nothing but makes a huge difference to our charity funds.
  3. Type of membership. **Match Funding/Corporate Sponsorship**- many work for organisations that provide match funding schemes. If you think you might have such a scheme at work then select this membership and you will double your contribution to the club. Your payment can be either in instalment or annual.  **The team are on hand to help you navigate what are normally very simple requirements and are experienced in this so will contact you if you select this option**
  4. Accuracy of  Personal details! We hold player details on one system (Membermojo) with controlled access to satisfy GDPR requirements. We kindly ask  all the details are completed correctly and we issue a reminder on a termly basis to refresh in case anything has changed primarily to ensure the club officials are up to date from a safeguarding and Health and Safety perspective. Our Club Secretary takes a subset of this to ensure all league registrations are made correctly.
  5. Photos and proof of age (ID) These need to be updated annually with good quality images. Whilst a picture of Mickey Mouse is entertaining unfortunately the leagues will reject and simply causes more work and chasing for the Club Secretary. They can be taken with a mobile phone easily but please, please spend a few minutes making sure they are appropriate. Passport photo guidelines for headshot and a phot of the Passport ID page or birth cert for proof of age.
  6. Instalments: We offer instalment payments as appreciate cash flow is king! U6’s are able to pay termly however U7 and above represents a commitment to the team and league for the complete season so if U7 and above and paying instalments you are confirming £100 instalment 1 and signing up to two further payments each of £60 for the season.