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Expires 30/09/2024

Membership requires approval

Welcome to Hatfield Peverel Allotment Association

We have two allotment sites both off Church Road, one (old site) adjacent to the church burial ground and the other (new site) adjacent the cricket pitch.

Currently we have a small waiting list for both sites and by completing the application form you will be placed on a "Pending Approval" list whereby your details will be submitted to the committee for approval and then held on the waiting list until we are able to offer you a plot. No fees are payable until you have been offered and accepted a plot at which time you will be sent an advice requesting you sign in to our system and make the payment as listed on the advice.

Currently our membership costs are £6.00 for a Main Member or Joint Member (attached to Main Member on same plot) or £3.50 for a Associate Member (insured but has no voting rights) in addition we charge rental for the plot depending on size (in rods). Currently the cost per rod is £8.00 and the average size of plot is 3 - 5 rods with some smaller "starter plots" for those wishing to try it out..

If you have any questions regarding membership please e-mail the Membership Secretary (membershipsecretary@hpallotments.org.uk).

Thank you for your interest.