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Welcome to Carlisle United Supporters Club London Branch

London Branch Membership

Although we have a 40+ year tradition of being titled the "London Branch" our membership comprises exiled Blues supporters from the Scottish Isles to Cornwall, the European mainland, the North America and SE Asia. Membership of the London Branch is a great way of staying close to the Club you love whilst meeting fellow supporters and having a good time. 

Membership Types
Full - £20, includes Hit The Bar! and use of the Ticket Deposit Scheme
Student - £10, includes Hit The Bar! and use of the Ticket Deposit Scheme
Associate Membership - £5, includes use of TDS but not HTB!
Junior (under-18) - £3, includes Junior Blues Communications and TDS but not HTB!

Ticket Deposit Scheme (TDS) top-ups and Donations can be made by your preferred means* then itemised separately by email to Peter Smithson on secretary@carlislelondonbranch.org

* Standing order, internet transfer, cheque or PayPal