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2019 Adult Membership

2019 Adult + BMFA Membership

2019 Junior + BMFA Membership

Expires 31/12/2019

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Welcome to Weston Model Flying Club Memberships


We are always pleased to welcome new members, experienced and novices. We do, however, have to maintain a maximum membership of about 100 members, due to site usage restrictions etc. When we do run into this situation (which we have yet to), we will of course allow new members on a first come, first served basis.

After discussion of the club’s finances in the Treasurer’s report at the 2018 AGM, the committee recommended that the club fee should be set at £95 for all adults, i.e. there would no longer be a lower OAP rate. The junior fee remains at zero. The £50 introductory fee will be abolished. Although this amount represents a large increase, the Chairman pointed out that we are a relatively small club and do not own our field; the rent is a large proportion of our costs, so we do have higher costs than some neighbouring clubs with their own fields, much higher membership and other sources of income.

The BMFA fee has increased this year to £38 for adults, and £17 for juniors.

New members applying to join between 1st December and 31st December will have their subscriptions cover them for the following year.

Memberships (available from 1st December 2018)

Membership Club Fee BMFA Fee Total Fee
2019 Adult Membership £95 £0 £95
2019 Adult Membership + BMFA £95 £38 £133
2019 Junior Membership + BMFA £0 £17 £17

Our memberships fees are made up of 2 elements: the club membership fee, and the BMFA membership fee. If you have BMFA membership elsewhere, you do not need to purchase a membership with it included.

The 2019 memberships are split by age as follows;

Age Category Age at sign-up
Junior Under 18 years
Adult 18 years and over

BMFA Membership

BMFA Insurance is mandatory for our Club. This can be obtained through WMFC. Please note that insurance from any other organisation is not sufficient, you must be a member of the BMFA. This is a condition of our club's affiliation with the BMFA.

It is also necessary for any person who flies at the site as a guest to have BMFA insurance, again any other insurance is not acceptable. Please see these two statements from the BMFA for further details.

BMFA statement on insurance.
BMFA statement on RCHA.

In addition, all rates are discounted towards the end of the year to reflect the reduced BMFA rates.Here is our constitution, where membership rules are outlined;

"4.6 Subscriptions are due by 1st January each year. Any member, who has not paid the subscriptions for the ensuing year by this date will not be permitted to fly until they have done so. BMFA membership must be in place before flying.

4.7. Members who have allowed their membership to lapse for up to one month will not be asked to re-apply for membership, but will be required to pay a full 12 months subscription.

4.8 Members who have not renewed their membership by 31st January will be deemed to have permitted their membership to lapse. Lapsed members will be treated as a new membership application but will not be eligible for new membership discounts offered by the Club.

4.9 Reduced subscriptions for BMFA new members will be applied according to BMFA’s own published terms."

Paper Membership Form

Please do not use this if you are renewing online - otherwise download this and print it out


Please see the attached policy