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Paramotor 2022/2023 2,5

UFLY4FUN Training Paramotor Membership 2022/2023 2,5

Sub70 2022/2023 2,5

Quad/Bike Single Rider Adult exp 31/03/2023 2,5

Quad/Bike FAMILY (4 Riders) Max 2 adults EXP31/3/2023 2,4

Quad/Bike FAMILY (6 Riders) (Expires 31/03/2023) 2,4

Quad/Bike Single Rider CHILD (enter adult name then add child as a linked member) 2,5

Quad/Bike Family (2 riders) 1 Adult + 1 Child 2,3

Wacky Weekend FLYER PILOT Registration 1

1 Expires 06/06/2022

2 Expires 31/03/2023

3 Joining fee applies £10

4 Joining fee applies £20

5 Joining fee applies £5

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Welcome to Wingland Airfield

Thanks for your interest in having fun at Wingland Airfield. We do however have some rules which require strict compliance. These are found within the with "Wingland Airfield Flying Orders" and are applicable to all airfield users including aircraft/model aircraft/quad bike/motor bike users etc. 

By joining to any tarrif, you agree to comply with flying orders/bike track at all times. Flying/biketrack orders are available at: https://winglandairfield.files.wordpress.com/2021/04/wingland-airfield-flying-and-bike-track-orders-version-2.1-april-2021-final-bike-track-ammendments.pdf or can be found on the Wingland Airfield Website at www.winglandairfield.co.uk. Compliance ensures preservation of Windland's reputation and ensures maximum safety at the airfield. Non-compliance may lead to your access package to Wingland being revoked without refund at the discretion of the airfield owner.

Completion is required prior to attending Wingland Airfield.

You must monitor winglandairfield.co.uk website for rule updates in case their are any changes.



Day Access Only (£10 per day, per rider/pilot) 

Please register as a DAY ACCESS VISITOR and then purchase a DayPass on the member form. Once registered, the next time you come, logon to membermojo.co.uk/winglandairfield and then visit the store to purchase more DayPass'. DayPass must be purchased before participating in your activity.

*Evidence of third party insurance is required for all manned aircraft or radio controlled aircraft. Not available to model aircraft/RC control operators.


Year End Access Packages for Aircraft (Access period entitles users 1st April 2022- 31st March 2023)

Full year £70 + £5 joining fee


*Modellers may only apply via WSAC club. Please visit https://tonyrobert2.wixsite.com/wsac for more information.


Year end packages for Motorbike/Quad users 

All Memberships expire 31/3/2023


Quad Bike /Motorbike Single Rider  

£70 + £5 joining fee 

Fee may be discounted as the year progresses. It's always best if you purchase/renew in April. More for your money!


Bike /Motorbike Family Membership  (up to 4 Riders, 1 must be an adult, same household/immediate family required, Limited to 2 adults) 


All memberships expire 31/03/2023

Year £160 + £20 joining fee 

Discount may be applied as the year progresses. It's always best if you join in the first week of April! More for your money!




Joining Between June 2021 - August 2021  TBC  

Joining Between September - November 2021 TBC 

Joining Between November 2021 - March 2022 TBC

Quad Bike /Motorbike Family Membership  (up to 6 Riders, 1 must be an adult, same household/immediate family required, Limited to 2 adults) 

Joining April 2022 - £180 + £20 joining fee

Joining Between June 2021 - August 202


*Evidence of third party insurance is required for all manned aircraft or radio controlled aircraft.


Falsifying insurance documentation will result in immediate ban on airfield access without refund. You may be contacted where electronic confirmation of insurance cannot be confirmed.

Wingland Airfield reserves the right to cancel any access package at anytime. Behavour deemed to be placing others at risk may lead to the termination of an access fee without refund and a ban from the site.

Thanks for Supporting Wingland, Have fun, Stay Safe


Please don't forget to check out the membermojo e-store for Wingland Merchandise! Mugs, Flight Suite Badges and T Shirts available. Every purchase goes to keeping Wingland running!

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