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Membership Online Services

The society uses membermojo to manage annual subscriptions securely and centrally. If you have any questions regarding this service, you can contact us via membership@williamherschel.org.uk or the Contact Us page on http://www.williamherschel.org.uk

We welcome new members to the William Herschel Society and the Bath Astronomers. If you are interested in joining, please click the button to the right. This will show you a simple form to complete and take you through to payment of your annual subscription.

Existing members can Sign In using their email address to update details or renew their membership. If your membership has lapsed in the last year and you want to renew, please Sign In.


Bath Astronomers are a group of active amateur astronomers within the William Herschel Society. The annual subscription fee for membership of the William Herschel Society includes Bath Astronomers. Individuals wishing to be part of this subgroup can do so using the preferences stored on this site or by contacting Bath Astronomers direct via their website, https://bathastronomers.org.uk or their Facebook page @BathAstronomers.

A member may bring their children or spouse/partner to events and benefit from reduced event fees as long as all reside at the same address and the member is present.

You can also apply for membership by post by completing the form on the William Herschel Society web site and returning to the Membership Secretary. If joining offline, payment of the membership fee can be made by Bank Transfer, Cheque, Cash or Banker's Order; see the form for more information.


About Us

Our aim is to spread knowledge of the life, work, and times of Herschel and his family, and to encourage greater understanding today of the subjects he studied.

We do this in several ways: