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Girls Only: Training Group (Yr1-2)

Girls Only: U8 Hawks (Girls Yr3)

Girls Only: U10 Kites (Yr 4-5)

Mixed: Reception (U5) -Year 1 (U6)

Mixed: Year 2 (U7) to Year 5 (U10)

Mixed: Year 6 (U11) - Year 7 (U12)

Mixed: Year 8 (U13)-Year 13 (U18)

Expires 31/08/2025

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Payment: PayPal or card.

Westwood Park Junior Football Club - Membership 2024/25 Season

Only click on "JOIN US/RENEW" if you are renewing from last season  OR You have been directly invited to join the group by the team manager/coach.

Joining without prior invitation is not allowed. 

If you wish to apply to the club for a place, please visit our website here: www.westwoodparkfootballclub.co.uk/contact


Please read before completing the form

  • All Payments this year will be via card payment to the club Paypal account.
  • The exception to the above is where you are renewing for multiple players within one family. Please contact the above email and we can sort out the payment via Bank transfer.
  • You should select the membership based on the league age that your child will be playing in. For example if your child is U10 but playing in the U11 league, you must select the U11 membership. 
  • If completed the form and payment correctly, you will receive a renewal or joining confirmation email.

Notes for parents

The FA have created a course for parents to help raise awareness of Safeguarding.  Safeguarding is everyone's responsibility and if we all do our bit, it ensures children remain within a safe  environment.

The NSPCC defines safeguarding as, "the action that is taken to promote the welfare of children and protect them from harm."

The FA Course for parents is free and can be accessed using this link