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Full: Women born in the 1950s

Concession: Women born in the 1950s, in receipt of state benefits 1

Associate: Individual supporters in any other age group 1

Associate: Union Branch (or Small Company/Association) 1

Associate: Union Region (or Medium Company / Association) 1

Associate: National Union (or Large Company / Association) 1

1 Membership requires approval

Welcome - Women Against State Pension Inequality Ltd 



We apologise that the membership scheme is currently unavailable. All existing members will continue to have full membership rights.


Your fee for membership of Women Against State Pension Inequality is for a full 12 months. Membership renewal dates will be extended to cover the period when the membership service is unavailable.


Up to 15 Members are nominated to be representatives on a Members committee. This committee will continue to represent your views. Two Member Representative Directors are elected to represent members at Board level.