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Associate: Individual supporters in any other age group 1

Associate: National Union (or Large Company / Association) 1

Associate: Union Branch (or Small Company/Association) 1

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Concession: Women born in the 1950s, in receipt of state benefits 1

Full: Women born in the 1950s

1 Membership requires approval

Welcome to the Waspi Campaign

(Women against state pension inequality ltd)


This is  a campaign group that fights the injustice wrought on women born in the 1950s regarding the changes to their state pension age, with the aim to achieve fair transitional State pension arrangements.

Your fee for membership of Women Against State Pension Inequality is for a full 12 months and will contribute to the fighting fund, both campaigning and legal. Members have representatives on a Members committee, who have elected two Member Representative Board Directors.

Having raised £100,000 through Crowdjustice in under three weeks, in 2016, Women Against State Pension Inequality has sought legal advice on potential challenges to the Government. As we proceed with the legal challenge on behalf of the WASPI Campaign, the information we collect from you will be used for that purpose.

This Membership scheme is an important step in our determination to challenge the changes to State Pensions unfairly borne by this generation of women.

Please JOIN US!!

As a 'waspi' woman, an individual supporter, or a supportive organisation.