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Adult - New Member 1,2

Adult - Renewal

Senior Citizen - Renewal

1 Joining fee applies £10

2 Membership requires approval

Expires 01/02/2019

Payment: PayPal or card.

Welcome to the Walderslade Club

Thankyou for your interest in either applying as a new member, or renewing your membership. Membership is now closed for 2018, and will reopen in January.

At the club, we have a wide range of activities occuring all throughout the week, from live bands and discos, bingo and raflles, to darts and card games. Combined with a well stocked and priced bar, car park, and family events, the whole family are sure to enjoy coming.

If you are renewing, then please go ahead and do so with the renewal option on the right of the screen. After paying, please take your blue membership card into the club, pop into an envelope and write 'paid online'. There is a £1 surcharge for paying online. Please also spend a minute ensuring that your profile is up to date - click 'Your Membership', then 'Your Details' to update.

As with any CIU club, we do have various membership rules, which are worth quoting for new members to explain some of the questions in the form. New members need to have a proposer and seconder, both of whom need to have been a member for at least 6 months, who can vouch for your 'respectability and fitness to be a member'. Members must be over 18, and are reviewed by the committee before being approved. If you are new to the area and don't have any contacts, please contact us at, or pop into the club, and we will help! After approval, your card will be available at the bar soon.

By becoming a member, you are providing consent for us to gather and retain certain basic information about you in order to track our membership and to be compliant with our own club rules. This information is stored on secure external server maintained by MemberMojo, a market leading system. For more information on their security, please see Your information is not shared outside of the club. If you provide an e-mail address we may send you an automated e-mail reminder about membership, you can opt out of this, and manage your own information by logging into the MemberMojo account that you are provided when you join online. For any additional questions please ask us at