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Adult 1

Youth (under 18) 1

Honorary Lifetime 2

1 Expires 31/01/2025

2 Membership requires approval

Welcome to UK Autoharps

This is the place where you may apply to Join, or Renew Membership, with UK Autoharps, based in the UK but with a steadily increasing number of overseas members. You may have landed on this page from our website. Currently MemberMojo/UKA is the only way to become a member. Only people with visual impairment or who do not go online can use a paper application form, which is available from me.

The current UKA Membership Year expires on 31st January 2025. You are free to join or renew at any time, but existing members do not have to initiate renewal, as they will automatically receive a Renewal Invitation message in early January.

Please be aware that new members who joined after 1st November 2024 will not receive this automatic Invitation, as their membership carries over into 2025, expiring on 31st January 2026. Such members, together with those members who are not required to pay a Membership fee, may, however, still be able to use the Renewal procedure on this site to purchase a Grand Draw ticket (before 31st January) or make a donation.

You do not need a password. Just enter your name or email address (the ones you have asked us to use if you are already a member) in the box on the upper-right side of this page, then go to "Your Membership" page. If you have difficulties, contact the Secretary, Doug Harbour, on uka.membership2017@gmail.com

Also, Members can view their Membership details and may correct or update them, or, if you prefer, you can contact Doug, and ask him to update your record. Rest assured, nobody else but the Administrators of MemberMojo/UKA can see your details, just as you may not see other members' details. MemberMojo is secure and GDPR-compliant.

Your Payments for Membership, Grand Draw, Events or Donations can be made in one of three ways. All can be done by applying here.