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Welcome to The World Kuo Shu Federation (TWKSF)

Referees and Judges' Database

The World Kuo Shu Federation (TWKSF) promotes traditional Chinese martial arts (Kuo Shu) its physical, mental and ethical benefits: to create unity and harmony across international boundaries; and to raise public awareness of Kuo Shu, in order to build its reputation as a World class sport.

Since its inception, TWKSF have carried out far reaching reforms to raise the quality of Kuo Shu contests. It has a remit to ensure that all contests which are sanctioned by the TWKSF comply with the standards stipulated and expected by the TWKSF Executive Board. The TWKSF through the Office of the Referee General will provide leadership and advice in terms of the rules and regulations for Kuo Shu contests and the standards expected when organising a Kuo Shu contest both at the national and international level.

All Kuo Shu contests organised and/or sanctioned by TWKSF will be conducted in accordance with the rules, regulations, protocol and procedures as defined by the office of the Referee General. TWKSF has instituted activities to continue to promote and develop Kuo Shu - expanding to all continents - to establish it as the lead organisation in the promotion of Kuo Shu.

This Database contains the details of all qualified TWKSF Referees and your inclusion in it confirms your status.

The TWKSF Learning and Development website is here.