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Volunteer/ session fee only sailor(£10/£5) 1

Volunteer member 1

Adult with £5 per session fee 1

Adult no session fee 1

Junior no session fee 1

1 Expires 31/03/2023

Tideway Sailability registration and membership renewal

We use this service to collect and update contact details for all our volunteers and sailors, and to administer renewals for our existing members. It also helps us to gather background statistics to support grant applications. Please click on the Join Us/Renew button to provide the details- it will only take a minute or so. There is no need to pay and it will save time when you next come to see us.

You can also use this to join our email list to be kept up to date- join as a supporter (free) and just enter your name and email address. Just send us an email when you want to be taken off the list.

About us

Tideway Sailability is a unique sailing club in central London where people with disabilities participate on equal terms to those without a disability.

As we are 100% run by volunteers, all money raised goes on the activities, premises and boats. We have a large fleet of specialist and standard dinghies and dayboats available to members and groups of participants.



Our membership is a community of people of all ages from 6 years old upwards with or without disabilities who sail together. Activities include sailing on the dock, Thames river trips and racing at other clubs throughout the UK.