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Member (Over 65)&Copyright


Membership (Over 65)

Youth Membership (18-25)&C/R

Junior Membership (U18)&C/R

Youth Membership (18-25)

Junior Membership (U18)

Family Membership&Copyright

Family (Over 65)&Copyright

Family Membership

Family Membership (Over 65)

CLUB Membership

CLUB Membership&Copyright

Welcome to The Film and Video Institute

If you have any queries or wish to download the paper application forms in pdf format, please visit :


Annual Subscription Rates

£37.50 for full membership (Overseas members get the magazine sent to them air mail for this price.)

There is a reduced membership fee of £32.50 if you are aged over 65.

People over 18 and under 25 pay £22.00 (Youth membership)

People under 18 pay £11.00 (Junior Membership)

Family Membership at £54 (Covers the principal member, her or his partner, and children up to their 18th birthday)

Film, Video and AV Making Clubs pay £40.50 (Club Membership)

Full I.A.C Copyright licences (12 months) are only £7.17 added onto the above membership fees.