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Member (Over 65)&Copyright


Membership (Over 65)

Youth Membership (18-25)&C/R

Junior Membership (U18)&C/R

Youth Membership (18-25)

Junior Membership (U18)

Family Membership&Copyright

Family (Over 65)&Copyright

Family Membership

Family Membership (Over 65)

Welcome to The Film and Video Institute

If you have any queries or wish to download the paper application forms in pdf format, please visit :

Annual Subscription Rates

£37.50 for full membership (Overseas members get the magazine sent to them air mail for this price.)

There is a reduced membership fee of £32.50 if you are aged over 65.

People over 18 and under 25 pay £22.00 (Youth membership)

People under 18 pay £11.00 (Junior Membership)

Family Membership at £54 (Covers the principal member, her or his partner, and children up to their 18th birthday)

Film, Video and AV Making Clubs pay £40.50 (Club Membership)

Full I.A.C Copyright licences (12 months) are only £7.17 added onto the above membership fees.