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If you do, welcome to The 'BIG' Campaign...

We are the national campaign for building a confident, optimistic, prosperous, secure and truly Great Britain: A Britain free from identity politics; a Britain in which politicians serve their Nation, in which the people have a voice, the police and other public services are depoliticised and merit is the sole basis for reward; a Nation that respects, safeguards (and teaches our children about) our unique history, culture and society; a Nation that is united and in which the rule of law is applied equitably without fear or favour; a Nation protective of our own borders, but that is also a respected ally to our friends abroad. 

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We offer three categories of membership. All three include membership of both 'The BIG Campaign' and 'The British Political Action Conference' (BRITPAC):

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- we demand that the government disentangles the UK from the EU and exploits the opportunities that Brexit presents in all areas of law, government and public administration

- we want less regulation for businesses, but more regulation for public transport as an enabler of the broader economy and sustainability of rural communities  

- we want our borders secured, immigration controlled and foreign criminals deported

- we want our children taught about what is good in British history, and what they should be proud of, not only what is bad

- we want our children taught about the traditions, culture, art and values of the people of Britain first, and those of other nations second

- we demand higher quality electoral candidates from our political parties; candidates with useful experience, skills and strategic acumen - future leaders and statesmen 

- we demand an end to the destruction of our cultural monuments 

- we know what men and women are, and what pronouns to use

- we believe that gender is not 'assigned' but results from the combination of chromosomes at the point of conception

- we want an end to trans women participating in women's sports 

- we want an end to public services such as police, fire & rescue and ambulance, on duty and in uniform, participating in any political events, or events celebrating any specific 'identity' community

- we want an end to public buildings and emergency services vehicles displaying the colours of any exclusive 'identity' community.

- we believe that Britain should be a meritocracy. People should be rewarded for their character, behaviour and abilities and not given any form of preference due to background, ethnicity, gender or religion

- we believe that all people in Great Britain and Northern Ireland do have equal rights in the eyes of the law and in the values of society as a whole

- we believe that all Britons should have equal opportunities and, where they do not, this must be corrected 

- we believe that we all make our own life choices and that, sometimes, those life choices, rather than general attitudes, are what limit or create our opportunities

- we believe that all Britons are one Nation and that we are unified by the flag under which we all live and are protected

- we believe that what age, race or gender people are is irrelevant and that we should all be judged on our character, behaviour, abilities and contribution to society as a whole

- we believe that movements advocating equal opportunities where they do not exist are a good thing, so long as they recognise that life choices and community attitudes play a part, as well as institutional cultures

- we believe that movements highlighting the differences between us, rather than what unites us, are socially divisive

- we believe that public planning consultations and appeals processes should consider cases based not only on whether the procedure has been applied correctly but also on the actual facts and merits of the case, and the opinions of the local community concerned

- we want the government to recognise that the demand on housing, public services and infrastructure is unsustainable as long as investment in them does not match local and national population growth 

- we want the government to recognise that 70% or more of the demand on housing, public services and infrastructure is due to immigration

- we believe the law must be applied equitably and that there must be no exceptions on the base of race, gender, religion or background. Law that is inequitable is divisive

- we believe that the media, as an industry, individual media organisations and outlets, individual editors, correspondents, reporters, presenters and producers should work to strengthen democracy by informing public opinion so that voters may make informed decisions a the ballot box. The media should not ever attempt to shape public opinion so as to influence political outcomes

- we want Britain to reengage meaningfully, and enhance links, with the Commonwealth countries in matters of trade, culture, defence/security, and the environment

- we want to see a Britain whose people identify as British, are well educated and informed, enthusiastic, confident, optimistic, prosperous and secure.  


Although Boris Johnson took us out of the EU much more work needs to be done to fully exploit the opportunities that BREXIT provides. Furthermore, there are still those who would soften BREXIT or even reverse it. They continue to undermine our unity and success as a Nation and use every setback or failure to boost as an excuse to take Great Britain and Northern Ireland back into the Block. With Boris Johnson gone, they have been emboldened. We believe Britain Is Great, but it won't be if they get their way. To prevent that, the rest of us Britons have to associate and oppose the 'cancelation' of Britain.