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Stephen Worrall


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Joining or Renewing Your Membership

The Only RoSPA Group in Suffolk Dedicated To Motorcyclists

Please click this link to see our coverage area:  Tutor Coverage Map.pdf


You can join the Group in one of the following membership classes:

Associate Membership is for people who have not taken a RoSPA test, i.e. a member training to take their RoSPA test.  The joining fee is £125.

Associate - Under 35 Membership is as for Associate Membership but for people under 35 years old. With this package, all rides and training expenses are covered by the group, but no tryout rides are available prior to joining.  The joining fee is £75.  We may ask you to verify your age.

Associate - Safe Rider Attendee Membership is as Associate Membership but for attendees of the Suffolk Safe Rider course run by the Suffolk Constabulary.  The joining fee is £110.  No tryout rides are available prior to joining.

Full Membership is for people who already hold a valid RoSPA pass and RoSPA membership.  The joining fee is £30.  Please supply your RoSPA membership number.

Platinum Membership is for people who have not taken a RoSPA test, i.e. a member training to take their RoSPA test. With this package, all rides and training expenses up to test level are covered by the group. The joining fee is £299.

Non-Riding Membership is available for members who no longer have a motorcycle available to them, and to supporting family of members who wish to make a contribution. The joining fee is £10.

Pre-requisites: you must hold an "A" or an "A2" licence and ride a motorcycle capable of maintaining the national speed limit.


Ongoing Fees:

Annual Membership Renewal Fees are £30 per year, renewable on 1st January for all members joining before 1st October the previous year: the renewal fee is discounted by £5 if paid before 1st January.  If it has not been paid by 1st April it is assumed that the member has left the Group. Members joining after 1st October will be paid-up until 31st December the following year.  The annual renewal fee for non‑riding members is £10.  On the anniversary of passing your RoSPA test and becoming a Full member of Suffolk Riders there is also an annual subscription to pay directly to RoSPA, and this covers, amongst other things, the cost of your three yearly retest.

Tutors' Expenses:  With the exception of Under 35 and Platinum Memberships, associates and members are asked to contribute to their tutors' expenses on a training ride, which are typically £15 per ride.

How to Join or Renew Your Membership

Please click on the Join Us / Renew button to fill in your application.  Once your application has been approved, you will be sent an email to let you know how to pay.


Thank you,


Stephen Worrall (Membership Secretary)