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For further options please contact us re payment 1

A payment for membership of BSBKA is also required. Details will be sent after registration on this site.

1 Membership requires approval

Payment: Bank transfer (BACS) [preferred], Cheque or Cash.

Welcome to Bishop's Stortford Beekeepers Association (BSBKA)

2018 Beginners' Course Registration Page

Beginners' course

The next course will begin in April 2018. You can use this site to register your interest for next year's course. Courses are limited to about 20 places and invitations will be made on a 'first come, first served' basis according to the date of registration on this site and date of joining BIshop's Stortford Beekeepers Association (BSBKA) which is done on a sister site details of which will be sent to you once you have completed this registration. See below for further details about joining BSBKA.

The course follows a course of materials provided by the British Beekeeping Association (BBKA). More details can be found here: BBKA Examinations and Assessments.

At the end of the course the student will be capable of becoming a ‘hobby beekeeper’, knowing how to source bees, maintain a colony in a hive and extract their honey for sale, through the gaining of the following skills and knowledge;

  • Understanding the life cycle and role of each type of bee

  • Being able to complete hive inspections competently

  • Understanding the reasons for swarming and carry out preventative measures

  • Knowing the different types of hive and understanding the advantages and dis advantages of each

  • Being able to build a hive and frames

  • Being able to identify common diseases and carry out solutions

  • Being capable of extracting honey hygienically

  • Being able to source a nucleus

  • Knowing how to use the basic equipment

The course will be held over five weeks from 11th April to 9th May and consist of five 2 hour evening sessions at at Hopleys Plants in Much Hadham, and at least one weekend practical live session at the Association apiary.

The course cost is £60, which includes a course text book, refreshments and use of protective clothing. In addition you will need to join BSBKA. Membership of BSBKA ranges from £5 to £25. Details of membership are show below*

Even if you don’t intend to keep bees, you will have fun and enjoy learning about them.

Why not come as a husband and wife team and revive the fun of doing things together. Or bring the kids; Juniors are welcome and we only charge half the price.

Once you have registered your interest, paid the required fee and been accepted on the course you will be sent a link to our membership site to join BSBKA. For insurance purposes, all beginners' must join BSBKA before starting the course.

*Membership Categories

Registered (full) member



Annual Subscription provides the full range of benefits of membership. The benefits are shown in the table below.

*Recommended if you already have bees or plan to keep them straight away.

Partner member



Must live at same address as a full member. They receive almost all of the benefits of full membership but do not receive BBKA News or BDI cover.

Country member



This category is for non-beekeepers who wish to receive BBKA News. No insurance or BDI cover is in place for this class of membership.

*Recommended if you don't have bees or plan to keep them in your first year.

Associate member



This category is for full members of other beekeeping associations or non-beekeepers.  They will receive the benefits of membership of BSBKA but do not receive BBKA News or BDI cover through BSBKA membership.

*This category is appropriate if you don't wish to join BBKA and receive their monthly magazine or take out a BDI insurance cover

Junior member



This category is for anyone under 18 years of age who is interested in beekeeping and who carries out their beekeeping under the direct supervision of a Full or Partner member.  I



Membership Benefits

Outline                    A table outlining the benefits of membership of BSBKA will be sent together with your membership pack and rules of the association on completion of your application to join or renew.


Bee Diseases Insurance Cover (BDI)

Registered (full) member

Covers losses due to notifiable bee diseases. Insurance for three colonies is included in Registered Members' subscription only. Registered members with more than 3 hives are required to increase the insurance component of their subscription.

Partner member

Partner Members are not required to make any BDI payment, but the Registered Member is responsible for insuring all colonies owned by themselves and their Partner Member.

Junior member

Bees kept by Junior Members whose parents do not keep bees, or who have not insured the Juniors’ bees on their behalf can have insurance taken out on their behalf with BDI. As beekeepers under the age of 16 years are unable to take out insurance policies and any policy has to be arranged by a parent or guardian.


BDI Cover Conditions

Cover Required                                

ALL COLONIES MUST BE COVERED. Where, at the time of an inspection by a duly authorised Bee Inspector, the number of colonies managed exceeds the number of colonies for which a subscription has been paid, no cover will apply. (When determining the number of colonies covered potential increase must be taken into account.) 

Period of Cover

Subscriptions and additional premiums are paid in respect of the calendar year, 1st January to 3lst December, irrespective of the date on which they are actually paid. However, where such payment is paid after the 3lst March cover will not commence until 40 days have elapsed from the payment. This is known as the 40-day Rule.